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  • 25/06/18

    Our London Trip!!

    Monday the 11th June was an exciting day out and we'd like to tell you all about it.
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  • 22/06/18

    New Website Goes Live!

    Our long awaited new website went live this week; we hope you like it!
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  • 19/03/18

    Chicks Week 2

    The chicks will be out and about in the classes this week.
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  • 15/03/18

    Prayer Days 2018

    Our Prayer Days were held on 6th &7th March.  Read on to find out about our activities.
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  • 13/03/18

    The Eggs Are Here!

    Our clutch of special eggs has arrived in school, settled in to their incubator, and already beginning to pip!
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  • 08/01/18

    2018 Starts in Style......

    The children were entertained in the traditional way this afternoon.....
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  • 07/07/17

    Power Cut

    We currently have no power in school, but do not worry, all is fine!  
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  • 15/05/17

    Tucasi School Pay Online Payments

    Our Online Payment System is now live!
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  • 31/03/17

    Keepmoat Competition Winners!

    The children have been asked to design a safety poster to warn of the dangers on the building site.    
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  • 20/03/17

    The eggs are here!

    Amidst much eggcitement, they have arrived....
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  • 20/03/17

    How did we go on?

    Thank you very much indeed for your interest and support in all that we have achieved in Kenya. We have made a wonderful difference to children’s lives. There is more difference to make, more to be done…. But we have achieved great things out there. Thank you. Interest levels from you are high, a...
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  • 17/03/17

    The Eggs Arrive on Monday!

    Our annual clutch of eggs will arrive on Monday....
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