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Be determined and confident,

as God will be with you* as we learn,
care and share through work, play and prayer.

(*Deuteronomy 31:6)

Be determined and confident,

as God will be with you* as we learn, care and share through work, play and prayer.

(*Deuteronomy 31:6)

Egg Watch 2012

It's that time of year again! 

Egg Cam 1

Image from the webcam


Sunday 25th March

The chicks have been having a lovely time with Mrs Brown and several small friends and relations this weekend.  They have been thoroughly spoilt!  Michelle is doing very well.  Every time we handle her we have gently coaxed her foot and toes in the correct direction and she is now walking quite well.  She doesn't quite battle through the crowd of the other chicks to get to the food and water, so we make sure she gets hand fed every now and again.  I'm sure you will all notice some changes when you see the chicks back at school tomorrow.  Class 3 will be weighing them all to find out who is heaviest and to see who grows the most between Monday and Thursday.  Oxo and Paxo have had a good clean out today and they are ready to come and visit school tomorrow.  See you then!

Friday 23rd March

Our little chick that had to be helped out of her shell last night seems to be doing ok so far.  I have christened 'Michelle'.  She had quite a bit of shell and membrane stuck to her, but Miss Wignall has gently cleaned most of that off.  She has a slightly malformed foot, which we are hoping will correct itself.  All the chicks have now been transferred to the brooder box and have been out to visit some of the classes.  You will notice coloured dots on their heads, we use these so that we know which is which when the classes start adopting them.  I really can't tell now which ones are Barry and Dave!

Thursday 22nd March 20:35when

What a busy day it has been!  And what a great day for the chicks.  All ten of our eggs have successfully hatched, the first time we have ever had 100% success rate. :)  This morning we arrived at school to find eight chicks hatched, and the other two eggs appeared well on the way.  We transferred six to the brooder box, leaving two to finish 'fluffing up' and to keep their siblings company as they hatched.  One of them hatched at around 10am, but the other one was still wriggling and chirping, but getting nowhere.  It was still trying, unsuccesfully, to escape during parents evening tonight.  Eventually, I couldn't watch it struggle any longer and helped it ease its way out.  The membrane under the shell had dried out and created a bit of a challenge, but with a little help it was finally free.  At first it appeared very tired, weak and floppy, but now appears to be chirping up and becoming more active.  It is still the weakest of the brood but we hope it will have a good night and be ready for the brooder box tomorrow.  The chicks will be out and about visiting some of the classes tomorrow; many of the children are excitedly looking forward to being able to hold them.  I can't say the same for all the adults! 

It's lovely to see so many great comments from you all, but please don't kidnap any chicks inyour pockets!  The webcam can be difficult to manage; the light in the brooder box can cause a bit of a glare, but I try to keep a reasonable view for you.  Keep watching!

Wednesday 7:40pm

Well, there were two chicks when I left school - the second hatched while I was chatting to parents.  There are a couple more that have cracked almost all the way around but the chicks are not quite breaking free yet!  I am sure they will hatch soon.

As our first chick fluffs up, it would appear that 'Barry' may indeed be a girl.  Miss Howard has christened the second chick 'Dave'  I wonder how well he/she will suit that name as it dries out?

The webcam has, as always, had a few technical hitches today, but I hope that it is all sorted out now and should be good for late night and early morning viewing!  I wonder how many chicks we will have tomorrow?

Wednesday 12:10pm

As you can see, our first chick has hatched,nice and early this morning.  The overnight pictures show that it 'pipped' at 7:14am and hatched at 7:18am.  That didn't take too long, but now we sit and wait for the next of his brothers or sisters to appear.....

Mr Wilkins attended the birth and has christened this first chick 'Barry'. 

Tuesday 20th March 6pm

I've just had a quick look at the pictures captured since 4 O'clock, and they clearly show that one of the eggs is looking a bit lively!  Shall I tell you which one?  No...... see if you can spot it!

Tuesday 20th March 2.30pm

Class 3 have been looking at what is inside a supermarket egg, and learning all about them.  We are waiting for our eggs to hatch but there is no sign of any movement yet.  Keep watching on the webcam.

Monday 19th March 8pm

Everyone has gone home from school and it has gone dark.  It looks as if the automatic light has not switched on.  Oops!  I'll fix it ready for tomorrow night, we don't want to miss all the action!

Monday 19th March 5pm

The eggs arrived at school at 11 O'clock this morning, and are in their incubator keeping nice and warm.  They are eggspected to hatch from Tuesday evening (possibly) and into Wednesday.  You can see what happens by checking the egg cam!  You may notice small amounts of movement as the chicks wriggle inside their eggs, and we may begin to hear cheeping sounds as they get ready to start 'pipping.'  I wonder which egg will hatch first....


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