24th September 20.19

The children are now on their evening activity with the ‘Groupie’ whilst the staff enjoy reminiscing over the days activities –


The children are now on their evening activity with the �Groupie� whilst the staff enjoy reminiscing over the days activities �

Notable highlights include:

         Individual successes on the abseiling; where every child in Green group successfully cam down the wall.

         Apparent tyre demolition on the Quad bikes, where Harry Barclay ended up with at least 3 points on his licence � Steven Pollard was most put out that adults couldn't�t join in this activity � so much so that he has organised an adult course session tomorrow � watch out for those photographs tomorrow! I do reserve the right of final edit their!

         Emily Morris � waist deep in water � with a huge grin on her face saying � �PGL is so exciting i love it!

         Robbie Holland not just amazing on the abseiling � but motivational; supportive and was really kind to Miss Darlington when she got stuck!

         Ronnais Lloyd � the most colourful girl on the trip throwing herself head long into everything � including the river!

         Katie Hebblethwaite�s trainer ending up at the bottom of the river � and firmly placing the blame at my door!

         Lewis Evans � canoeing in his designer track suit!

         Hannah Beesley � �Oh; these sours are sour!�

         Katie Shingler successfully completing the 10 second challenge � sprinting down the abseiling wall!

         Thomas Brookes organising the collection of the canoe paddles at the end of the session!

         Jordan O�Hara precision shooting at archery � and again; his fantastic mentoring of other children!

         Dylan Kirk�s �bed head� in the morning.... and after canoeing!

         Matthew Ragsdale acting as commander in chief on the river � the only thing is his boat imitated a submarine

         Fay�s disaster of the day � losing her conditioner!

         Callum Howarth managing to eat 2 pigs worth of bacon with his sandwich this morning!

         Miss Darlington getting stuck on the abseiling wall, in her canoe, and in her wet suit..... bless! (to be honest she even got stuck in the toilet, but I�m not allowed to mention that!)

-         The look on Evie Barclay's as Mrs Turner through herself head first into the river....... and then the look on Jessica Parkinson's face as she realised she had the same taste in PJ's!

-        Anna Lloyd overcoming all her fears as she abseiled down the wall with Mrs Hitchen

-       We've just put the children in bed - and George is keeping a tally chart of the number of adults who bob into their room to check! Apparently George just wanted to be left alone...... and go to sleep, rather than be disturbed!

-       Helen Birkett panicking as she thought she had lost her glasses in the river..... only to realise she had given them to her instructor for safe keeping!

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