25th September 2:30

A damp start, but a great day ahead....

PGL 2011 Photos


Mrs Brown blogging today, after a very entertaining morning down at the Jacob’s ladder. We had a bit of light rain to start the day, but it eased off and has been quite warm. Mr Wilkins has joined us for the day, last seen all rigged up for abseiling!

First one to the top rung of the Jacob’s Ladder was Jake Clarke, making it look easy and setting the standard for everyone else! Good man, Jake!

Callum followed, making it to the third rung in style, putting in a great effort to develop his leg swinging technique

Hannah had her own personal success, making it on to the first rung and then declaring ‘Oooh, it’s moving.....it’ll take me a bit to get used to this.....can I get down now?!!’ She did, I’m glad to say, get a bit further, once she had got used to it!

Macy did the girls proud, making it to the top with determination, after a little persuasion to beat her own target – good girl, Macy!

Miss Darlington took up the challenge with Gary and Mustafa, and proceeded to turn it into a game of skittles! Gary and Mustafa were both knocked as Miss D attempted (but never quite made) the second rung. They took it all in their stride, showing a great deal of patience and good humour. Mustafa swapped with Mr Purcell, and Gary helped him up to the fifth or sixth rung before leaping ahead himself and getting right to the top. Gary and Mustafa are my stars of the day for putting up with the teachers, well done lads!


We've all been across and enjoyed another great lunch, been and spent all our money at the shop (alas, not John Lewis!) and now it's off to the afternoon activities - quads, rifles, and more of the Jacob's ladder.

We'll be back later with further updates and photos. Let us know what you think o, we love to read your comments.

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