Storm Doris Emergency Procedure


Of all the problems I envisaged with the building work, a fallen tree was not one of them! However, we are where we are. It is a serious event that needs action – despite the inconvenience it will inevitably cause.

Until the area is declared safe and appropriate action taken the following strategy applies.....


Breakfast Club/ Morning club entrance:

Enter through the office – staff will be on hand from 7.45am at the door to assist. The normal entrance will not be available.


Normal school drop off

The junior yard is out of action. All children will enter, through the infant door, which will be opened from 8.30am, and supervised by school staff. Children should come in straight away to avoid congestion and go straight to class.


Normal school pick up.

The junior yard is out of action. All children leave through the infant door. Infants will be dismissed as normal, Junior children will follow 2 classes at a time from 3.20pm Approximately it we will allow 5 minutes for 2 classes, accordingly year 3 & 4 will be dismissed at 3.20pm, 5 & 6 will be dismissed at around 3.25pm. Staff will supervise the children to the infant door, SLT staff will also be at the Carr Lane exit as a final check.


Late Stay Pick up. Or pick up from after school clubs

Late stay pick up will be through the office, where staff will be there to assist

Monday            Glenys will be in the office

Tuesday           Sharon will be in the office

Wednesday       Andy P will be in the office

Thursday         Johnny or Jackie will be in the office

Friday              The SLT team meet until some unearthly hour any so we’ll be there!


Break/ Lunch times.

The children can go out in the fresh air and just be! No diablos, no toys, no nothing really – just fresh air, and conversation. Staff, do your duty day, just on the infant yard.


I know it’s a pain, I know you’re putting up with a fair bit already….. I’m doing my best! Promise!


Friday             A full tree survey.

Next week      Remedial action in line with survey