St George's

Church of England Primary School

Be determined and confident,

as God will be with you* as we learn,
care and share through work, play and prayer.

(*Deuteronomy 31:6)

Be determined and confident,

as God will be with you* as we learn, care and share through work, play and prayer.

(*Deuteronomy 31:6)

Egg Blog 09

 Last Years Egg Blog

Good Friday 10th April.  Oxo and Paxo have a new outdoor home, although they are a little bit young to move in permanently just yet.  You can see them trying it out by clicking here.  As for their indoor home, we have invested in a much deeper box as they could get out of the previous one, and had begun to bang their heads on the lid!  They like to perch, so we have put a loo roll middle in for them to develop their balancing skills!  They are also being treated to tasty scraps from the kitchen and some lovely dried meal worms.  I am beginning to understand chicken talk; lower friendly happy chirps - just chatting along to each other, and much louder squawks which seem to mean 'Here I am!  Don't forget me!'

Wednesday 8th April.  The chicks you can see above, rapidly growing larger and more active, are the two chicks that came to live with me, Mrs Teacher/Chicken Brown!  They are now called Oxo and Paxo and are well loved by nearly all the family (sadly Mr Brown remains sceptical!)  Paxo is the larger bird, paler body and darker face, and Oxo is the smaller one, darker body and lighter face.  You can see they are beginning to look a bit scruffy as their fluff is turning to feathers but I'm convinced they will be a gorgeous pair once their plummage has completed its transformation.  They love having an outing in the garden although they did complain a bit this morning - I think the wind was ruffling their feathers!

Friday 3rd April.  All the hens and cockerels have now left the school, after a successful 2 weeks, to go to their permanent adult habitat.  Six of the hens went to homes amongst our parent body…2 went to Mrs. ‘Teacher’ Brown. The cockerels, and the rest of the hens, were returned to the farm. The children, staff, and chickens have had a great time over the previous 2 weeks, and we look forward to regular updates regarding the development of the chickens over future weeks.  Don’t worry… we have booked in the eggs for next year, so that we can enjoy the experience all over again!  Watch this space……The Chicken Team at St. Georges’s!  

Tuesday 8.30pm. The chickens continue to thrive, and are being very well cared for by the children as they visit each class.  Each class has now adopted a chicken, and they have been marked to aid recognition.   The chickens are now learning how to scratch for some food... a useful skill, as one or two of the chickens have taken to resting in the food bowl. The chickens will continue with the class visits tomorrow!

Monday 4pm The chicks settled back into school this morning after their weekend retreat.  'Peggy' as the chick with the sore leg has been christened, has been collected by Living Eggs in order to have 'tweetment' and we will let you know how she gets on.  The rest of the chicks now have distinctive markings so that each class can adopt and name a chick.  Can you spot a favourite?  Drop us an email to let us know your favourite chick character!  The chicks have been wieghed by Mrs Brown's class; they are between 18 and 25 cubes each!  They have visited Year 6 for the study of Life Cycles and have also been to Mrs Kimberley's class. 

Several people have already made enquiries about keeping them when they have to leave us on Friday.  They are, like any other animal, a long term commitment, and further information about their housing and upkeep is  available from the office.  Please consider this carefully before you think about offering them a home.  They will not be 'cute' for long! 

Sunday 6ish See what happened when the chicks went out to play!  Click Free Range Chickens above.  

Sunday 2ish From Mrs Kimberley's house - Chicks have been quite lively over the weekend and have been making regular visits to their feeding bowl. I'm sure they have grown over the last two days.  They have been out and about (investigating Mrs Kimberley's dining room...). I think they have enjoyed their weekend but they have told me that they are looking forward to going back to school tomorrow.
And from Mrs Brown's - The chicks have enjoyed a bit of sunshine in the conservatory while they were being cleaned out.  They have a leafy stick of celery to play with, but they aren't quite sure what to do with it.  Better pictures at the moment as they are warm enough without their light on, but it will have to go back on if they look cold!  They are also looking forward to school; aren't we all. . .

Sunday 12ish Eight chicks now at their Sunday residence with Mrs Brown, who is of course delighted to be reunited with her brood!  They will be having a good clean out soon.  

Saturday 6.10pm.  The chicks are now at Mr. Purcell's house, and are relaxing after a day at their Saturday home with Joe. (Mr. Purcell's nephew) and family. They have settled  well, and are enjoying their evening meal! They were getting a little bit impatient with the technical difficulties rigging up the web cam in their new home, but they are happy now normal service has been resumed.  The chickens will reside here until tomorrow, when they will be reunited with Mrs Teacher Brown.  The chickens are now 4 days old.  Why not go and 'google' how the chickens will develop over the next week, whilst they are still with us.  Email your thoughts to Mrs Teacher Brown at, or to myself at  

Saturday Morning   Chicks arrived at their holiday home in Preston on Friday at 6 o clock. They had been making lots of excited cheeping noises during the journey. After a full day of class visits and a long journey they were quite exhausted and took lots of long naps under their warm lamp during the evening. At about 8 o clock after a few 'technical difficulties' the chicks were ready to face the cameras again. This morning the chicks were quite lively and seem to have settled well into their new temporary home. They've all had a good breakfast! The chick with the sore leg is happily hopping around and we will continue to keep a close watch on her. More updates to follow.

Friday 7pm The chicks have been a great success in school - it has been wonderful to see the expression on the children's faces  as they have watched the hatchings and the growing chicks.  The chicks have gone on holiday for the weekend, four with Mrs Kimberley and eight with Mr Purcell.  The chick with the sore leg has gone with the smaller brood, so that she has company but a quieter brood to gain her strength with.  We are assured that the displacement will correct itself in the next few days, but we will, of course, watch her carefully.  As I write, I know that Mr Purcell is rigging up the webcam, and hopefully Mrs Kimberley will have hers going soon as well.  Keep watching over the weekend and keep the emails coming as we love to hear from you.  Karen Brown at or Andy Purcell at ...And don't forget... those of you in Mrs Brown's class, log onto the Moodle and complete the egg activites!   You can also use the Living Eggs website for more information. password is 127864

Friday 2:50 The answer was 4!  Well done if you got it right.  The chicks have had a busy day visiting Year 3 and Year 1/R.  We now have a total of 12 chicks, 9 girls and 3 boys.  You will see that most of the chicks are now in the brooder box, but one little chick remains in the incubator.  She has a slightly damaged leg and we are waiting to hear from Living Eggs as to the best treatment for her.  We will of course keep you informed.  A chick in Euxton recently had splints for the weekend!     

Friday - still early!  Is that another chick hatching?  I shall do a chick count at 8:15.  1 team point for everyone that sends an email, and 2 for a correct count!  

Friday - early!  How many chicks can you see in the incubator this morning?  I'm finding it hard to tell.  The   screen looks quite dirty this morning - that will be bits of fluff'n'stuff from the chicks.  Why not send me an email when you have counted them? 

Thursday 2:10pm The chicks have just been to our class for us to look at.  We made a circle and they ran about in the middle.  We thought they were a bit scary at first, but they are very nice and they ran about all over the place.  They flapped their wings while they were running about.  They were a bit messy and one jumped on my hand!  One of the chicks crawled under a chair and we had to rescue it.   Mrs Brown helped us to stroke and hold the chicks gently.    The boy chicks are yellow and the girl ones are brown.  We cleaned the brooder box out before we took them back.  Here are our pictures. By Mrs Brown's Class

Thursday 8:46am  Such excitement in school this morning!  We now have a total of seven chicks - 6 have been transferred to the brooder box, and the latest hatch, which arrived at about 6O'clock this morning is still in the incubator 'fluffing up'.  A further egg has pipped so we are eggspecting that one to hatch soon.  This is in the incubator which not on the webcam.  The picture from the brooder is not as clear, but when we have finished hatching we will swap the cameras over.  The light in the brooder box is very bright and this also makes the image difficult to capture clearly.  We can't switch it off as it is necessary for the chicks to keep warm - you can often see them huddled under it although they are beginning to go to the other end of the box for food and water.  You may notice them disappear altogether soon as no doubt they will be out visiting the classrooms.

Wednesday 9:25pm.  My partner screamed out, "Its here!" The phone rang... the mobile rang... and our 5th chick hatched! My sister, at work at Ormskirk delivery unit, rang me to tell me that the chick had hatched... all the midwives apparently glued to 'egg cam!' Is anybody still watching?  email me, Don't forget, you can email Mrs 'Teacher' Brown... let her know what you think of the web cams.   Keep the emails coming in... we love to hear from you!

Wednesday 5.55pm.  The chickens want to know if all the children watching eggcam have completed their homework?!  I said that I am sure they would have... but the chickens didn't seem convinced! We have now moved 3 chickens into their new home - the brooder box.  This is where they will live now for the next few days, whilst they are with us.  In the brooder box the chickens will learn to feed and drink for themselves.  You will notice that if the chickens are cold... they huddle together under the lamp. The brooder box can be seen on Camera 2.  Camera 1 is focussed on the eggs that are still to hatch.  There are 3 chickens that are pipping; and we eggspect them to hatch tonight!  Enjoy yourselves! (Please note that if the web site does go down it is probably because we are updating the site!)

Wednesday 2:41 A second chick has hatched; it seems a very slow process this year!  I spent lunch time filming what seemed like hours of the most boring film ever shot - I would never make a wild life photographer - far too impatient!  However, we did succeed in capturing the chicks exhausted final release from the egg.  It was a little messy at the time as it had a lot of 'packaging' stuck to it, buit it is now looking much tidier and has made friends already with Chick One!  We have a few technical difficulties with the computer at present but this will be sorted soon.  I hope to get the video clips uploaded for you soon.  

Wednesday 7:56  The Juniors Won!  The first hatch appeared over night in the Juniors at 6.00am! At the moment we  have just swapped the cameras over so that you can keep up to speed with the progress of the hatchings!  The chick looks very tired and is a bit sticky but quite well.  It look very nervous at the prospect of being the only chicken in the school.... and about to be peered at by 247 children... and their families! Two more eggs have 'pipped' in the Juniors... There will, undoubtedly be more hatchings during the morning!  We'll keep you posted...and hopefully get the other camera on line during the day... so go on, keep up to date with egg cam at work!

Tuesday. Our eggs arrived bright and early on Monday 23rd March.  We were lucky to be offered an extra batch so we now have 12 eggs incubating upstairs in the Junior resource area as well as the 12 in the reception area.  We have set up webcams on both incubators; the one you see here is the one downstairs and we hope to have the image from the other one uploaded soon.  We can also send the video image from either camera around school to the classroom SmartBoards, so we shall be able to watch as the drama unfolds!  The children are quite competitive as to which eggs will hatch first and rumours are rife - I heard at lunchtime that the Infant eggs had hatched already!!!  I can, however, confirm that as I left school this evening there were no signs of ‘pipping’ from either direction.  If you listen carefully you can hear tiny chirps from some of the eggs.  Some of the eggs have seen to wobble, allegedly; I suspect a little table bumping myself!  They are expected to begin hatching tomorrow, or maybe   even Thursday.  Do keep checking the website - we will keep you fully informed of progress.  We welcome your comments and feedback; you can email myself, Karen Brown at or Andy Purcell at don't forget... those of you in Mrs Brown's class, log onto the Moodle and complete the egg activites!   

Monday. They have arrived!  We are lucky this year to have two sets of 12 eggs.  One set is in the incubator in the reception area; this is the set that will be on the web cam.  The other set are a bonus and are upstairs in the Junior resource area.  They are expected to hatch on about Weds/Thurs.  They hatched sooner than this last year, but we have them a little earlier and the weather has been cold!  There is a slight hiccup in getting our web cam live, but we expect to resolve this shortly and we'll keep you posted!  In the mean time, you can find out more The password is 127864.  Watch this space for further news.