Goodbye Chicks!

The chicks spend their last busy day at St George's before going to their new homes.

Two weeks passes very quickly, and already our chicks are ready to move on. The boys have already gone back to the Living Eggs farm; they were collected at about 10 this morning after having a good clean out, and being fed and watered by Class 3. The girls are now in a temporary brooder box in Class 3 and will be on the webcam until they too eave for their new homes after school today. They have been adopted by two families from school, so I am sure we will have updates on their progress. Keep watching the website over the weekend; I'm sure we will be able to get some more photos uploaded for you to enjoy. I'll be setting up a single 'Chick' page with all the news e.t.c. in one place. And this time next year, we'll start all over again . . .

If you look at the class pages in the Pupils Zone, you will also see that every class now has it's own Gallery of photos. These are not all in use yet, but as more staff become trained and familiar with the new site, I'm sure there will soon be plenty for you to see.