Class 3 Geocaching

 Mrs Woodcock came in to tell us all about Geocaching, and to help us find some geocaches she had hidden in the school grounds.

 This project came about because the children were so interested in Sam's recount of his walk when he found a geocache with his Dad.  He told us all about it and made it sound such fun we thought we'd better have a go!  Our mini project in school today was a great success; see our photos by following the link above. 

Mr and Mrs Woodcock are also going to hide a real geocache somewhere at Rivington.  Once hidden, any geocachers can find out from the internet where it is, and go and try to find it.  If they do, they will sign the log book, exchange some of the contents, and then record it on the internet.  Mr Woodcock will let Mrs Brown know whenever someone has found it.  Also, we will give the children some clues and a map to help them find it if they wish to do so.  Inside the cache there is a bag of special smiley face tokens - anyone that finds the cache can collect a token and bring it back to school.  This can be done without the need to register on the Geocaching website.  If you would like to know more about geocaching, there is a leaflet at the bottom of the page, and a copy of the Powerpoint which Mrs Woodcock used to tell us all about it.  If you do not have Powerpoint software, see the Parent Zone for a link to download the viewer.

Check back here for further news of when and where our cache is hidden, and we'll also let you know if anyone finds it!