St George's

Church of England Primary School

Be determined and confident,

as God will be with you* as we learn,
care and share through work, play and prayer.

(*Deuteronomy 31:6)

Be determined and confident,

as God will be with you* as we learn, care and share through work, play and prayer.

(*Deuteronomy 31:6)

PGL Sept 2009

What fun we had . . . .

PGL Latest News

25th - 28th September 2009
 Saturday Morning Bulletin

We are all having a great time here at PGL.  The journey was good, our cabins are lovely and the children are all fantastic.  After unpacking and settling in, everyone enjoyed their evening meal and visited the tuck shop before the 'Star Auction', which is a fun dressing up activity.  You can see from the photos that everyone joined in wholeheartedly!  There was little homesickness early evening, which is always expected, but this was soon overcome as the children settled into their dorms for the night.  Most of us managed at least 6, if not the full 8, hours of good sleep.

This morning we've all enjoyed a hearty breakfast before the days activities, which are Climbing, Archery, Giant swing, Rifle shooting and Jacob's Ladder. 

Saturday afternoon

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous this afternoon and we are out and about having lots more fun.  Some have been climbing outdoors, but this afternoon's climbing session is on the indoor climbing wall, which is very colourful as you can see!  The challenge is to touch the Moose's Nose, or to ring a bell at the top.  It is the first time we have used this wall and it looks like a great success.  This evening we will be taking part in 'The Great Egg Race' challenge.

Saturday evening

What a brilliant day - Mrs Hitchen has been archery shooting, Mrs Brown has been rifle shooting, Mr Ashton and Mr Purcell had a race up the rock climbing wall (Mr Ashton won!!!!) Mrs Turner had a brilliant time on Jacob's ladder... and Mrs Leap thouroughly enjoyed the Giant Swing... amazing!  Oh... and the children - have loved every single minute!  The Great Egg Race was eggcellent - the children certainly had a a cracking time, eggsperimenting with different parachutes to save their eggs.  They are currently all very settled in their dorms after a day full of awe and wonder - Brilliant!  We have captured every moment digitally - the photographs will appear within the next hour or so... enjoy your evening at home; The PGL Staff! 

More news later, keep checking for updates, and have a look at the photos here.

Teachers accompanying the children this year are;- Mrs Hitchen, Mr Ashton (Group Leader), Mrs Brown (First Aid), Mrs Turner, Mrs Leap and Mr Purcell.

Please be sure to send in your Tuck money (3 lots of £1 in named envelopes, plus Souvenir money) and any medication you need.  Remember that if you have put Asthma on your form, you will need to bring two sets of inhalers.

Emergency contact number is 01939 260552/1

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