Eggciting Times!

 How many chicks now?

 The hatching has been going at a good rate today, with some of the chicks seeming to appear in the blink of an eye!  They are all doing well, including our 'early bird', who's name I think is going to be 'Patrick' as today is indeed St Patrick's day.  The chicks will be transferred to the brooder box as they 'fluff up', and will then be out and about around school, visiting all the classes.  Each class will be able to adopt and name a chick, so start thinking of suitable names!  How many chicks can you see now?  It gets hard to tell on the web cam!  It's great to have your comments coming in, and to know that many of you are watching the chicks closely from home.  Everyone at Parent's evening tonight seemed to enjoy having a peep at the chicks too. Indeed, some people were almost as interested in chick progress as children's progress!  

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