PGL 25th September 2010

Amazing, brilliant, superb.... in fact; perfect.

Amazing, brilliant, superb.... in fact; perfect. End of the first full day here at PGL, and what a great time we are all having! Personal achievements all round; from children standing at the top of Jacob's ladder, to beating the staff at rifle shooting! Last night was equally great; there was no home sicknesses at all, and as the staff did their final final walk round at midnight.... all was silent on the western front! Currently I am sat round the staff table as I write this blog and all i can hear are the staff re living the achievements of the young people!

Around the dinner table the children, who are sincerely amazing company, were just comparing the days activities! Whether it was completing the abseil, hitting the bull's eye, or being first to complete the asault course (sadly it wasn't me!)

Year 6 are currently competing in a huge egg and spoon race against another school.... I have to say.... I hope they win! Mrs Brown is sat next to me at the moment uploading photographs.... so if you read this check back in an hour or so for the pictures! The weather has been amazing.... we're so lucky! Anyway, 8.30pm beckons, and we're back on duty doing the medical run, and just checking that at the very least all the soap has been opened! i hope that you're enjoying your weekend.... we will be back tomorrow!

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