PGL Sunday evening news -

Freezing cold and wet.....

Freezing cold and wet..... but thankfully not because of the weather; Mrs Leap's and Mrs Brown's groups have both just returned safely from canoeing, whilst the other groups have been monkeying around on the high ropes! As we were walking back, squelching with half the river that was in our trainers, 3 lads cam running up to me, saying Mr. P (as they seem to have morphed into calling me over the weekend) can we go to bed tonight like like last night..... Somewhat puzzled I quized them.... " Like go to each others' dorms until 9.00pm, then talk in our dorms until lights out at 9.30pm.... it's ace!" Who could refuse a request like that! My money is on them not making it until 9.30pm though..... in the warmth and stillness of the cabin I will give them 45 seconds! Stephen Pollard, one of our governors has just returned.... his contribution to the blog.... "I'm wiped out.... where do they get their energy from!" Where as Mr Ashton has just decided to take the children on at football....."Where does he get his energy from!"

So all is to be fair perfect as we come towards the end of our 2nd afternoon's activities..... I never doubted it.... did you?

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