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  • 20/03/17

    How did we go on?

    Thank you very much indeed for your interest and support in all that we have achieved in Kenya. We have made a wonderful difference to children’s lives. There is more difference to make, more to be done…. But we have achieved great things out there. Thank you. Interest levels from you are high, a...
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  • 09/03/17

    Nanyuki update

    Our team have been doing a great job and made many new friends!
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  • 05/03/17

    Arrived Safely

    Our travellers have arrived safely in Nairobi, but hit the traffic straight away!
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  • 02/03/17

    Africa Trip

    Excitement is building in school this week as resources are gathered and suitcases packed!  Be sure to watch the website to follow the journey....
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