Under Government guidelines the school is currently closed, apart from the provision of day care for key worker and vulnerable children. This page will be used to give you the latest guidance and updates of the situation in school.

Our teachers will be making daily contact with you all via Zoom and Seesaw, and providing lessons and activities for all classes.

Information relating to your child's class, including home learning support,  can be found here.

Details of our digital resources can be found here.

If you are a parent or guardian, please join our Facebook community, St Georges Primary Chorley, for additional support and updates.

There are additional documents and resources for you attached to this page - please scroll down.

Help contacts: adults with any questions, or with a problem we can sort) kids who have worries that need busting!)

Mr P's Parbold Pop is back! 

It's back by popular demand ........
Parbold Pop Up is LIVE  on the school's Facebook page every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
7.30am ish!!

Andy has also published an emergency mobile contact number on the school's Facebook page. If you require this, please ask a another parent or alternatively you can ring/email the school. 

COVID 19 Precautions 

 Do not send your child to school if they, or anyone in the household has symptoms of COVID– 19 (high temperature, cough, change in taste or smell, and in children increasingly stomach cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting) If you are your child has any of these symptoms please get a test, and await the results before your return to school

 Do not send your child to school if they, or anyone in your household are awaiting test results.

 Do not send your child to school if they or anyone in your household has tested positive.

 Do not send your child to school if they have been contacted by test, track and trace.

 Do not send your child to school if you have been on holiday and have to self isolate as part of quarantine.

 Do not send your child to school if they have received advice that they need to resume shielding

Bags into School 

The only bags we will allow in school are:

Red book bags.... Humorously, I'd forgotten Many kids don't have these now.... We've ordered loads, so we should be fine. No charge.

Lunches must come in either a carrier bag that can be binned daily. Or a lunch bag, the small ones, that can be fumigated at home on a daily basis.

Lunch boxes, again, following a fumigation are fine.

Can kids have water bottles please... Water fountains won't be useable.