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Tea and Cake Event 

So, we'll be on the junior yard tomorrow. If you take your daily walk tomorrow call in for cake and tea.... if you've baked a cake, bring a cake... if you haven't, then still pop in. Enter through the car park, exit through junior gate. Call in for a 30 second catch up.... then be on your way! We can't create a mass gathering. There will be a bucket somewhere, but no Bertie, but that's not the motivation. The motivation is to see each other , catch up, and give us a reason to get up and out. Then, we'll sit back and chill, and see what Borris says on Monday!

Take it easy folks,


Little Chef

Calling all little chefs!

Hope you’re enjoying your break. Prags is just planning & going through everything we need for the cooking.

We've modified the club a little. We are running the cooking so there is enough for the family not just one portion (as we have done in the past)

If you are in the official club you need to:

- collect one pack per family of spices (& sometimes other ingredients) from Monday.

- Each pack (& recipe) is to make 4 portions. (If you only need 2, to halve everything).

- There will be a recipe/method leaflet with each pack.. the ingredients that you need to buy will be in red.

- if anything needs to be prepped in advance, it will be clearly marked on the sheet sent home.

To make it a complete meal, Prags will give suggestions of additional things you can buy or make, so they can have a healthy Indian meal each Friday.

The way Prags is planning the sessions, it will cost around £5 -£10 max to feed a family of 4. That’s even if we bought a few ready made things like the Naans!

Prags' aim is to make everyone confident enough to try experimenting with spices and fusing different cuisines.

The packs are all the same.

I will also post the recipe on Facebook on Monday for those of you who are joining in by cooking at home.the only differences will be you'll need to source your own spices, and cook independently of Prags.

Early indications are the club will be fun, educational and successful, in which case we will re run it.

But, we can all cook.... Good luck everyone!


Lent Journey 

Good morning, we are going on a lent journey together.

Once a week I will post challenges from the Archbishop of York for you to spend time reflecting on your faith during the course of lent. If you complete any of the challenges please post pictures for us to see.

There is a video, prayer and challenges attached as photos.



Loving Lord, you lay a path before us and light our way. Help us to see where we can be light in the darkness. Lord bless us with a light filled journey through Lent. Amen.

St George's Church Lent Challenge

Are you giving something up for Lent? If so St George's Church  are suggesting popping the money you would have spent, in a jar instead. Jars can be dropped at church by Easter Sunday and the money goes straight to WaterAid Uk

If you can't get to church or would rather donate, there is also a Just Giving page available, click on the event link for the details.


New Weekly STEM Challenge

Happy Wednesday everyone. It's STEM challenge day!

Your marble runs look brilliant but a special mention to Ian Kennedy for posting yours on the Facebook page - It was fantastic Ian and I hear dad got quite involved too! A little engineer in the making I think. It is also lovely to see you all getting out and about taking part in the big school bird watch. If you could post or email your results before the end of half term that would be fantastic!

This week, we are sticking with the engineering theme and your challenge is to see who can make a lolly stick catapult that propels something the furthest. Follow this link to find instruction on making a catapult


All you need is some lolly sticks (or any type of stick should work), elastic bands and a bottle top.

Who can propel an object the furthest using their catapult? How could you edit the design of your catapult to increase the distance ? Does the object you choose to propel affect the distance ?

Email your pictures of your catapult and the distance you managed to propel your object and I will announce a winner next week. Happy catapulting !

Chorley Sports Partnership - Netball and Rugby (Week 4)

Give this a go if you want to have some variety in your PE this week. I’ve shared lots of PE suggestions to keep you active and help towards your hour a day of activity. Please watch the rugby video closely and see if you spot the special mention to one of our pupils. Who is giving this ago this week? You can post your pictures and results onto Facebook or alternatively email them into school. Have fun! Mrs Leap :-)

Link to the Netball Challenge

Rugby Challenge Week 4

James' Year 6 Kahoot Quiz 

Attention Year 6 Children! 

James has asked us to let Class 10 and 11 know that he is hosting a fun Kahoot quiz on Thursday 4th February, from 5.30 to finish before the disco. If anyone is interested then please let his family know and they will send you the code. Thank you!