Grammar Support

The Government have recently asked schools to place a greater emphasis on the teaching of Grammar and Spelling. We have always taught not only Grammar at St George's, but the importance of using this knowledge in independent writing. In school, we have some great resources that we use. Although they are resources written for teachers, they are a useful tool for parents as well. I will be updating the weekly newsletter so that it contains a 'GIG' section - Get into Grammar! So we can all get involved! (You will note that 'so we can all get involved' is not a sentence in its own right..... but do you know why? That's what grammar is all about!)

I may, when appropriate, refer parents to various resources in this section, for your reference...... it may be a long while since you discussed subordinate clauses, the definite article, and the last time you 'prepositioned' someone could have been when you got married!

As with anything we do in school, if you have any questions, or comments, please do contact one of us.... we'd love to hear from you! Alternatively, ask a question using the comment box below!

Anyway; I'll sign off now with 2 poems! Firstly, an alternative to 'Pop goes the weasel' Just to prove, grammar can be, err.... fun.

  • 'Adjectives describe a noun,
  • Nouns, they do the naming,
  • Verbs describe what can be done
  • Adverbs end in ly!

And secondly can I challenge you all to learn this poem of by heart - it's called 'Be World class at Word Class'

Every name is called a NOUN

Like field and fountain, street and town

In a place of NOUN the PRONOUN stands

As he and she can clap their hands

The ADJECTIVE describes the thing

Like sparkly wand and golden ring

The VERB means action - something done

To read, to write, to jump, to run;

How things are done, the ADVERBS tell,

Like quickly, slowly, badly, well;

The PREPOSITION shows relation

Like in the street, or at the station

CONNECTIVES join in many ways,

Sentences, words, or phrase and phrase!