St George's

Church of England Primary School

School Dinners

At St George's School the school dinners are genuinely beautiful. And more than that, the catering, and welfare staff are fab, and make lunch time an enjoyable, social part of the day, where old friendships are cemented, but hopefully, new ones are forged. 

From September 2014, all infant children are entitled to a hot school meal, free of charge. For more information contact Sharon or Anna in Admin, or follow this link for the current menu, provided by lancashire School Meal Services. For information, we're a "fresher plus" school! 

Free School Meals

Please do register your entitlement to free school meals - even if your child is in the Infants, or you don't take them. It does significantly affect the school budget! Click on this link to find out if you are entitled to FSM, and how to register your entitlement.