Class Call In

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This event will take place between 3:15pm and 4:00pm on 14/10/2021

Classrooms will be openfrom 3.30pm-4.30pm for you to come into school, just to have a look round…. This is not a parents’ evening, but an opportunity for your child to show you what they are proud of around school, and in their books! Let your child lead you through their work and do the talking!  Just call in for as long as you like… I hope to see you there!

It is a very busy hour in school and needs to be organised! Please indulge us.

Can all parents remain on the yard until staff indicate school is clear, and we know that all children have been dismissed safely.

Classes 1 & 2. Enter and leave through the reception door. Louise or Siobhan will be there to indicate when you can come in, which is around 3:30pm

Class 3 & 11 —Enter and leave through your own door from the Infant Playground

Children in classes 4 – 6 (inclusive) please enter and leave through your own classroom door! (I don’t know why we didn’t do that last year—it sounds very simple!) Class teachers will be on hand to give you the signal to enter. 

Children in classes 7 – 10 should enter and leave up the junior slope, Thomas will be there to indicate when you can enter.

Please, I beg, be patient, and avoid ‘blocking’ the exits, despite your natural enthusiasm to get in! Teachers are not being awkward—they're waiting for me to say that parents can come in, and I will only do that once Late Stay are sorted. The priority is to ensure that all children have been safely handed over to their accompanying adult, and this takes time.

Please supervise your children closely during the time you are in school!

Thanks for your co-operation in all these matters; I hope you enjoy the call in!

If you are joining us for class call in please:

Please do an LFD test 24 hours before the class call in.

Please wear a mask. You may not come in school without a mask, or if exempt, a visa.