Education Sunday

I do know, and indeed accept it may not be everyone’s favourite Sunday experience. I know you may have to get up early, miss football, whatever… but come and join us on Sunday for our celebration of the Church, the school and each other. We’ve got a great thing here at St George’s… let’s show it off. The service will be a discrete tribute to Tim, singing his favourite primary school hymns, and praying in sign. To that end, of course I hope you all join us, furthermore – try and find time to learn the Lord’s Prayer in sign so that when it comes to ‘saying the prayer, rather than say it the whole church can sign it in the stillness and silence of the church. Much to the amusement of many, the signing of the Lord’s Prayer can be found on latest news’ on the website

Our Ethos group will be leading the congregation through the service at St George’s Church at 10 am on Sunday 5th February. 

The rest of the school should be in Church by 9.50am for the 10.00am service. All the children sit with their own class (in school uniform, or parade uniform) and you are warmly invited to stay for the service.

Our Ethos Group will be leading the Service with all Key Stage 1 and 2 involved in taking us through the signing of the Lord’s Prayer. The Infants and Junior children will also be singing during the service and, of course, as is traditional, singing our Communion Hymns.

Dismissal at the end of the service will be as usual….with children remaining in their pews until an adult collects them.  

We look forward to seeing you there! An invitation is also extended, should you have the time, to round off the morning with a cup of coffee and biscuits in the Church Hall.