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AVE COVID 19.  Latest updates will appear on this log, newest content on top


Zoom Lessons

As teachers once again modify their lessons so that they fit zoom, may I remind you that there will be a lot of nerves around - it difficult to explain the tremendous pressure staff feel zooming into your homes. Please, I beg, should it go wrong, should mistakes be made be kind. Don’t become keyboard warriors. Don’t be critical. Be kind. I have to say, and please indulge me….in the unlikely event that I see any negative comments about a teacher on line, then they will immediately cease zooming out. Not because I’m precious, but I am protective of them, and I'm protective of the relationship between teacher, parent and child. So please, even though there is now more scope to undermine the relationship, please don’t. Do share your negative thoughts with me– you can shout, scream whatever at me…. but not the staff who are doing their very very best, and going so far beyond expectations in zooming into your homes.

I'm not a fan of comparing schools.... We all do our best... But I must confess, I don't know of any other Primary School that offers this. Not hubris, just appropriate pride in the work of the staff, who deserve, indeed are entitled, to my full protection, and support.

Information to Parents  

A copy of the letter to parents can be found here.

We will send information to you such as ZOOM codes, timetables etc via Seesaw, Text and Facebook.

Andy will do a 'POP UP' 7:00pm  TODAY  .... this is to predominantly to speak to the children.

He will do a ZOOM meeting at 5:00pm TODAY to speak to parents, and answer any questions you may have. Codes can be found on Facebook. 


Face Masks

Folks, every indication now is that Lancashire is going to be placed in tier 3.

Whilst this is not yet confirmed, and in essence its confirmation is irrelevant, I will be asking everyone from year 7 to aged 77, unless clinically exempt, indeed I'll be begging and imploring the same to wear facemask during pick up and drop time periods. This is for you, and for me. It won't stop bubble closures, but it may, just may stop me or you catching this blasted virus.

We can't really begin to understand the science, but we can perhaps understand the risks, and the prevention measures we can deploy. Accordingly, the newsletter will come out on Friday this week, containing this request.

If nothing else, thanks for listening. Andy.





Message from Mr P ...

Massive well done, and massive thanks to all school meal kids..... You're doing ace.... Zooms, well to be fair going far better than I expected, and by the time you read this you'll only have 3 days of SI left.

The kitchen is cleaned and waiting for you...
School is ready for you to come back
Your teachers are ready for you ...
Its no where near as good without you....

Work hard today, I'm at Mossy, see you for assembly???

Mr P

Ill do a pop up on Facebook at around 5pm.... All welcome, aimed at the kids..

Oak Academy 

Seems appropriate to share.... Just popped up on my Facebook!

National Oak Academy is here to support you. 

Flexible Resources you can use ...


You may have heard Chorley is having increased restrictions placed on it from Tuesday. There are no changes needed to procedures at St George's. Children will not be asked to wear masks! Where has that come from!?

Staff will continue to wear face shields around school, and duty staff in the morning and evening will don an apron, and face mask during this period of enhanced restrictions.

What you do outside of school in following, or ignoring the guidance, has just as much impact on keeping St George's safe and open for all as how we act in school.

We enter a Lancashire lockdown from 12.01am Tuesday morning.

Lancashire Lock down Explained from Lancashire Post


Latest News about COVID 19

In the spirit of transparency and honesty it is right and proper to inform you that a parent of a reception child has tested positive for Covid19. The child is symptom free and hasn't been in school since Friday Lunchtime. The family is isolating for 14 days. No further action is needed it is just an information sharing exercise. Please use this information to remain alert but please do not let panic or alarm to set in.


Seesaw Codes

If your child's current Seesaw Home Learning code has expired, don't worry-new codes will be sent home later this week, along with an updated password letter and all the details you need for our online resources. Please bear with us while we get all our resources updated before we send this. Also, please note that our teachers may not have updated all the children's allocations just yet, but will be doing so in the next couple of weeks.

Church Services still go ahead

Just for your information - the new rules regarding gatherings of up to 6 people don’t appear to apply to Churches so Sunday’s Back to School service will go ahead as planned. Thank you.

Open Evening - St Michaels' High School Details 

Saint Michael’s virtual Open Evening tonight at 5.30 - 8pm


Back to School Service at St George's Church

It’s the Back to School service at St George’s Church this Sunday (13th September) at 9:30am. Children are welcome to attend in their school jumpers and take their school bags (if they’ve arrived!) to be blessed.
This year we would ask the children to sit with their families rather than in school groups.

Thank you.


Miss Makinson's Class Update 

Afternoon everyone.

Both Antonella's (Head of School at Mossy Lea) and Beth's (Class 6 Teacher) results have now come back negative.

Beth will now continue her self isolation until Monday 14th as per government guidance, but as she is fit and well, will zoom in her lessons.

Thanks ever so much for your well wishes this morning - it helps.

This is just life now.

I'm not fishing here, so please don't think I am, but if any of you with friends and links to other schools who have slicker plans then please let me know! It's a learning curve for us all. I'm not too proud to steal off others in situations like this!

Track and Trace - Staffing Update ....

Good morning!

Beth Makinson (Class 6 Teacher)  has been contacted by track and trace. Beth had a COVID-19 test over the weekend and is awaiting her results. Beth has no symptoms and feels well. Children can attend school as normal. The children will be supervised by school staff, and Beth will zoom in to teach.

Any questions, please email/ring me.




A Prayer for the New Term

Miss Cook's Absence 

Folks, a message for parents of kids in class 5 (new class 5)

Nic is going to be absent from school for a while. Although this is sad news, Karen Barclay will be covering the class, which is ace news.

Karen, a fully qualified teacher, is lovely, and well known to the kids.

As always, apologies for this sudden change.... Nic will be back soon... X

Contact with the Headteacher

Parents, if you need to speak to me, or a class teacher, let's try the phone, or zoom in the 1st instance.

If you need to come into school, please wear a face mask at all times.

Cheers Andy x

Return to School 

Hi folks, ready for tomorrow!!??

I think we are....#

Do we all know what we're doing tomorrow, or at the very least, are not bothered that we don't know!!??

Staff will be out.... All will be well..

Reception parents.... Chill... We're ready, and all will be well.... Just remember your face masks please if your coming into school.....

Take it easy everyone, and sleep well.... All will be fine. Promise.

Travelling to School 


Risk Assessment and Memo to Staff update

Following the updated government guidance on Friday evening, we have had to make a couple of small additions to the Risk Assessment and Memo to Staff. The updated documents are on the school website, however, for your convenience, this is what has been added...
Risk Assessment: In the event of a local lockdown, face coverings should be worn in areas outside classrooms, when moving around communal areas, such as corridors and staffrooms. This is following the current government... guidance. In the event of a local lockdown, we will review all guidance and follow the advice provided by the local authority.
Memo to Staff: Both breakfast club and late stay will run as small groups. The number of groups will depend upon the number of children requiring the service. The current plan is for an infant, lower KS2 and upper KS2 group, each with a consistent adult.

Question and Answer Zoom Meetings

Good morning all, and almost welcome back! I hope you are safe, rested, and enthusiastic about the term ahead....

There will be 2 zoom meetings today, one for new parents, one for, err, old parents. ie. One for children starting in reception, and one for parents of children in the new year 1 - 6.

Here are the details.

This is just a question and answer zoom.... Should you have any unanswered questions.

What I would say is let's not worry about the little things.... Water bottles, book bags, reading books.... We're all learning together. And we'll all be fine together. Promise.

So for now. Enjoy the sunshine.... Relax. We've got this.

See you soon.




Parent Memo September 2020

Good Afternoon St. George's.

Please see attached an important document which contains details around your child's return to school next week. Give it a good read as I'm sure it will answer some of your questions, and indeed hopefully alleviate, some concerns you may have. Have a great weekend and we look forward to welcoming the children back next Wednesday.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to download the Parent Memo or click on the link below. 

Parent Memo September 2020

Risk Assessment

Here is the most up to date version of our Risk Assessment...for if a child shows any symptoms of COVID 19. Only a few minor tweaks from the previous version.

Risk Assessment Update September 2020

Preparing for School 


Bags into School 

The only bags we will allow in school are:

Red book bags.... Humorously, I'd forgotten Many kids don't have these now.... We've ordered loads, so we should be fine. No charge.

Lunches must come in either a carrier bag that can be binned daily. Or a lunch bag, the small ones, that can be fumigated at home on a daily basis.

Lunch boxes, again, following a fumigation are fine.

Can kids have water bottles please... Water fountains won't be useable.

Cheers everyone.

(in other matters.... I've noted that there are a few questions being asked on here (Facebook).... That's fine. And good. Don't be offended if teachers don't respond though.... That side of things can be used for internal parents discussion. If you want a response from a member of school staff email the office, me, or the member of staff. Cheers all.

See you soon.


Tuesday 25th August - Reintegration Day Current Year 5

So, last, but not least, year 5 - current year 5, not new year 5s who start in September - Mrs Smith's and Mrs Leap's old class and the year 5's from Mr Norris's class, before we said good morning to COVID-19..... - feeling OK??

Tomorrow isn't about anything grand. No gimmicks. Nothing flash. And no zoom.... I'm fed up with that!

Its about me, you, Miss Cook, Mr Horne and me saying hello to each other, catching up, and speaking face to face. Its about you finding your confidence in school, and dropping your personal anchor there, ready for September. It's about you coming back to a place many of haven't seen since March 20th.

My experience so far is you're all popping with excitement, which is ace..... No nerves... No need... So, I'm like you, I can't wait to see you all tomorrow. See how much you've grown, all the wicked experiences you will have had, to hear about everything you've been doing and to show you round school, so that you know exactly what you're doing in a weeks time, whence you'll be in year 6 - and to of the shop!

So kids.... Bed early tonight.... Tomorrow, at last, is a school day!!!

Take it easy kids, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Mr P x


Monday 24th August - Reintegration Day Current Year 4

So, year 4 - current year 4, not new year 4s who start in September - Mrs Makepeace's old class and the year 4's from Mr Norris's class, before we said good morning to COVID-19..... - feeling OK??

Tomorrow isn't about anything grand. No gimmicks. Nothing flash. And no zoom.... I'm fed up with that! Its about me, you Miss Yates and me saying hello to each other, catching up, and speaking face to face. Its about you finding your confidence in school, and dropping your personal anchor there, ready for September. It's about you coming back to a place many of haven't seen since March 20th.

My experience so far is you're all popping with excitement, which is ace..... No nerves... No need... So, I'm like you, I can't wait to see you all tomorrow. See how much you've grown, all the wicked experiences you will have had, to hear about everything you've been doing and to show you round school, so that you know exactly what you're doing in a weeks time, whence you'll be in year 5!

So kids.... Bed early tonight.... Tomorrow, at last, is a school day!!!

Take it easy kids, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Mr P x

Bible Story Minecraft Competition

Recreate your favourite Bible story in Minecraft to be in with a chance of being crowned our competition winner 2020! We'll be judging entries on originality, design skill and the ability to portray the story. Go for it!

Returning to School: 7 tips to help your primary age child cope. 

This document is a worthwhile read. That said, from my experience of Day Stay, and the last 2 integration days, we actual have to be careful not to put fear and anxiety there, when there isn't any. The kids, without exception, all seem 100% fine. In fact, not just fine - actually positive about being back.

In any event, here it is (there is a secondary one available on the same page)


Tuesday 18th August - Reintegration Day Current Year 3

So, year 3 - current year 3, not new year 3s who start in September - Miss Berry class, before we said good morning to COVID-19..... - feeling OK??

Tomorrow isn't about anything grand. No gimmicks. Nothing flash. And no zoom.... I'm fed up with that!

Its about me, you Miss D and Mr Horne saying hello to each other, catching up, and speaking face to face. Its about you finding your confidence in school, and dropping your personal anchor there, ready for September. It's about you coming back to a place many of haven't seen since March 20th.

I'm getting the distinct feeling you're all popping with excitement, which is ace..... No nerves... No need... So, I'm like you, I can't wait to you all tomorrow. See how much you've grown, all the wicked experiences you will have had, to hear about everything you've been doing and to show you round school, so that you know exactly what you're doing in a couple of weeks time, whence you'll be in year 4!

So kids.... Bed early tonight.... Tomorrow, at last, is a school day!!!

Take it easy kids, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Mr P x


Monday 17th August - Reintegration Current Year 2.  

So, year 2 - current year 2, not new year 2s who start in September - Miss D's and part of Mrs Steel's class, before we said good morning to COVID-19 ..... - feeling OK??

Tomorrow isn't about anything grand. No gimmicks. Nothing flash. And no zoom.... I'm fed up with that!

It's about me and you saying hello to each other, catching up, and speaking face to face. Its about you finding your confidence in school, and dropping your personal anchor there, ready for September. It's about you coming back to a place many of haven't seen since March 20th.

I'm getting the distinct feeling you're all popping with excitement, which is ace..... No nerves... No need... So, I'm like you, I can't wait to you all tomorrow. See how much you've grown, all the wicked experiences you will have had, to hear about everything you've been doing and to show you round school, so that you know exactly what you're doing in a couple of weeks time, whence you'll be in year 3!

So kids.... Bed early tonight.... Tomorrow, at last, is a school day!!!

Take it easy kids, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Mr P x


Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 Reintegration Days 

Hi all, Hope ur all warm enough, and ur heating hasn't stopped working.

As you know, we have 4 integration days on the horizon. Please find below a little more information....

Monday 17th August - Reintegration current year 2.                                                                                                                                                Session Led by Andy & Louise

Tuesday 18th August . - Reintegration current year 3                                                                                                                                                 Session Led by Andy & Louise 

Monday 24th August - Reintegration current year 4                                                                                                                                                   Session Led by Michelle and Andy

Tuesday 25th August -  Reintegration. Current year 5                                                                                                                                         Session Led by Nic & Rob

Structure of day.

Kids can arrive between 9.45am and 10.00am.

Kids will enter through the front main door. Full school uniform if possible - obs, shorts and flip-flops are fine! ..... Why not?

Kids will need a packed lunch, in a disposable bag. No material bags permitted. Kids will mix and operate as one bubble, as per September. The day will run from 10am - 2pm, with kids being dismissed onto junior yard at 2pm.

9.45am - 10:00am

Enter through front yard,

Sign in.

Hand gel


Congregate in Hall.

10.00am - 10.30am


General mooch around school. Focus on changes

Watch year 6's leavers video perhaps

10.30am reconvene in Hall.

Q/A session from kids


Reintegration activity.



12.45pm- 1.45pm

Games on muga? Maybe a bijou sports day akin to what year 6 did?

1.45pm - reconvene in Hall for final send off and dismissal.

Parents pick up from junior yard, dismissal as normal.

Hope you don't mind me contacting you on such a glorious day

Apologies if you do.

Andy x


Important Notice 

Friday 17th July 2020

Due to Year 6 celebrations in the hall ...

All Breakfast Club children should enter school via the junior promenade door.

All Day Stay children should be dropped off at the MUGA tents where a register will be taken.


Return to School                   

In the spirit of transparency, this is the process we will follow should a kid or adult take ill post September.   Scroll down to the bottom of the page to download. 


Year Six Parents 

Sadly, we are unable to do many of the usual end of year celebrations that we had planned due to Covid 19. However, we cannot let our lovely Year 6 children leave without some form of celebrations and fun. Therefore, we have planned some events that we think the children will enjoy. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to download the arrangements for the last two days of term for Year 6 children. 

Class 4 Zoom Meeting

For all children who will be in C4 next year, remember our transition zoom tonight at 5:30! Please bring along one of your favourite toys to tell us about yourself! Mrs Smith and Mrs Leap are looking forward to speaking to you! Email school or log onto Facebook for the meeting ID and password. 

Face Masks 

In line with yesterday's announcement, any parent coming into the school building from today must wear a face mask that covers their nose and mouth..... You can have one of our disposable ones if you haven't sourced your own.... This only refers to entering the school building, not the playground!

Sorry for the late notice. In line with school policy only remove your face mask when you are outside of the school building.... Thanks, as always, for your support.


Seesaw News

As we approach the end of term, I am looking at closing the SeeSaw classes ready to create the new classes for next year. You can download an archive of your children's work from this academic year. The link below should guide you through this. Please do this before Wednesday 15th July.

Parent Memo 

This should take you to the end of term nicely..... You've had this emailed to you today, and Louise will (hopefully) manage to get it on the website. Over the course of next week, I will publish our Risk Assessment for if a child, or staff member becomes ill, and I will publish the senior leadership teams memo to staff, just so, like before you can read and scrutinise everything. But for now, here is the parent memo, which contains information of when you can collect your child's books - we have them all ready, regardless of whether you emailed us or not! All the best, Andy

Scroll to the bottom of the page to download the Parent Memo


Facebook Story Time Announcement 

Good afternoon Year 2/3,

Tomorrow, our story time will take place at the slightly later time of 10.30, rather than the usual time of 9.30.

See you then for more Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Mrs Steel 

Home School Article on the BBC - A recommended read by Mr P

Do not underestimate what you've achieved, or what you've been through. It has been tough. I know that. But you have all done it now!! ..... Over summer, switch Seesaw off, turn The Oak off, bin BBC Bitesize.... And have fun. Enjoy experiences. And just be. There's nothing to do. Nothing to be fixed and no pressure to be had. And join us, all of you, in September and we will get all the pieces back into place again. We will do so calmly, slowly, sensibly and as always here at George's, with a hell of a lot of fun. I will speak to you all before, but for now, accept my congratulations, and increase the meditation and coffee and contemplation time you allow yourself. Its time to unwind......

BBC News Article about Home Schooling

Pobble Resources - Home Schooling

More non-screen activities from Pobble - this time to celebrate Earth Day.

Pobble Resources


Exercise Books

What do you want to do about your child's exercise books this year? I will do what you want.... As a general rule of them, we will dispose of them this year, cross contamination just seems wrong. However, if you want us to collate the books please email help@st-georges before this Friday at 4pm. We will then collect the books for you to collect from school. All other books will be disposed off during next week.
All "COVID-19" books that have been used for Day Stay, and those kids who have returned recently will be disposed of.
How does that sound? Clearly not ideal, but what is these days?
News Article - Coronavirus Updates
Folks, we're doing OK in the UK at the moment aren't we.... But please, let us not return to complacency. COVID is still there. We are fine. We are safe. We must not become complacent.... Our amazing NHS staff haven't had time to recover yet..... Let's give ourselves a gentle reminder of the rules folks. Stay alert. Protect the NHS. Protect ourselves. Xx
Zoom Meetings - TRANSITION 
Teacher will be hosting a goodbye zoom meeting with their current class, and a "hello" session with their new class. Sharon has kindly emailed the details for the Zoom Meetings to all parents. Any problems, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 
I know some schools are doing face to face meetings, and that's great, but for us, I opine its just a little too much. We currently use every room in school, and staff work purely within these bubbles. To do face to face meetings would mean staff working in separate bubbles, and involved re organisation of current working areas. To me, it seems a massive disruption, slight increase in risk of spreading COVID, for little value. So, we decided on zoom for the most part, unless the year groups, and staff, can do it in school.
Mrs Barclay's Art Challenge 
Hello children πŸ‘‹πŸ». As we are starting to enjoy the summer months along with the plants and wildlife around us I thought you may like to take a closer look. The artist for this week is a French artist called Bernard Durin and he was passionate about the beauty of insects . He paints many “portraits” of these creatures in watercolour ( there are a few examples below ).He works with passion and precision on each insect but also wide palettes of colours, textures and details. There is a selection of his work and others below and some outlines for you to use if you wish. Don’t forget you can use any medium or tools you choose , collage , zoom in , or make up one of your own . Have fun ! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ¨

Support at Home


Prags - Spice up your Life Indian Cooking Club

I’m making Indian for tea today, and as its been a while since I shared some of my recipes - I’ve added  Lamb Rogan Josh, Raitha, & Naan to the recipes I’ve previously posted.  Id love to see some pics, and if there’s something you’d like to try to make & need the recipe, let me know.



Welcome Back  ....

What a strange, semi welcome back message - not sure where we've been, but Hay ho..... A message that 6 months ago could never have been imagined needed writing.
Firstly, may I offer my thanks and gratitude to you all for the coruscating support from you since march 20th. You have supported us more than anyone could have hoped, making it easy for us to keep school open for key workers.
The relationship between school and home is instrumental in the successes of our school. I've known forever what a brilliant school St George's is..... It was way before I took over, and I've known for ages what a brilliant staff we have. I pay tribute to all that the staff have achieved since we closed for the many. But as I always say, we can work 24/7 yet have no impact at all without your support..... We'd be just like the firefighters turning up at a fire without water. And this fact has never been so prevalent than it has been since March 20th, where your support has been so encouraging for us all, and made us so determined to do our best. We know our efforts have been massively appreciated.
As we once again step out of a rather strange comfort zone we found ourselves, and into yet another unknown I will make you some very simple promises.
I promise you that I will listen to an act upon any concerns you may have. All you need do is tell me them.
I promise you that I won't forget the kids in years 2 - 5 who can't return to us just yet. I feel physically sick that you feel left out of a return. This is not the case. I will keep you as involved in school life as I can, and I won't consider school re opened, or normal, until we have 100% attendance from you all. There will be no celebration parties until we're all back... then there will be one massive party.... Even if we are still in our own bubbles! All you need do is bring it to my attention if this isn't happening.
I also promise you, although it goes without saying, and even a blind man on a flying horse with an IQ less than an amoeba will be able to understand that I will do everything I can to keep school germ free. I promised you all when you started school that I will look after your kids as if they were my own.... And I reiterate that promise to you tonight. I will. All you need do is trust me to do that, and tell me where you think I can improve.
Have an immense evening tonight, and step cautiously, yet confidentially, into yet another temporary new norm.
Please respect all safety precautions tomorrow, including social distancing. Even if its something that doesn't really bother you, for the safety and confidence of us all, we all have a responsibility to keep ourselves safe from this wretched virus.
Once again, sincere thanks to you all, and albeit from a 2m radius, I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow.
May God bless you all, and whatever you're doing tomorrow folks.... Remember.... If its working for you, the nits working for me.
Andy xx


ANNOUCEMENT from LCC- School partially reopens on Monday 22nd June to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6

🏫 Our Director of Public Health has revised his guidance to Lancashire's schools. Enough progress has now been made to remove the blanket guidance that schools should not reopen to more pupils. Schools in Lancashire will be encouraged to take the decision to reopen to more pupils from 22 June if they are ready to do so. We won't be enforcing fines if parents of children who are asked to return to school decide not to send them.

The latest School Newsletter can be downloaded by scrolling down the page. 


ZOOM Meetings for Children 

All teaching staff are organising catch up zoom activities for their classes. A timetable for the zoom activities, led by class teachers, for kids in their classes is below. All details will be shared to individual kids and families by class teachers via SeeSaw.

SEESAW Announcements 

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well,
Class 7, please log onto Seesaw as there is an exciting message waiting for you and your parents!
Mrs M.

β€ΌοΈπŸ”ΊCLASS 3πŸ”Ίβ€ΌοΈ                                                                                                                                                                                         I have sent an announcement on SeeSaw, have a little look! πŸ‘€                                                                                           Miss Horder 

Zoom Meeting with the SLMT

Here are the details for the zoom meeting on Friday, should you have any questions you would like SMLT to answer?

Meeting ID. 834 3730 2504

Password 906925

Coach Mayers 

Coach Mayers is back!! 

Every Thursday afternoon Coach Mayers is going to be going live on Facebook to bring you virtual workouts which you can join in with from home!

Let’s get as many of us as we can taking part each week! Share your participation on the Facebook page or upload onto Seesaw for your class teachers.

There will be an infant session (Reception, Y1 and Y2) every Thursday at 1:30pm.

Juniors (Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6) your session will be every Thursday at 2:15pm.

The sessions will run for approximately 30 minutes. You don’t need anything but yourself and a little bit of space!!!

Coach Mayers is St George’s very own Joe Wicks!

The live sessions starts today... who is up for it?

Fredericks Competition


🍦Design an ice cream sundae. Use our printable template, or create your own!

🍦Email your design to with SUNDAE COMPETITION as the subject. Include your name and age. (Competition open to all ages.)

🍦The winning design will be developed into a brand new sundae kit, which will be available for purchase on! The winner will receive their kit for free.

🍦All entries must be submitted by Tuesday 16th June.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! πŸ˜‹


STEM Challenge

Happy Thursday everyone! Last week's STEM challenge seems to have captured a lot of imagination and interest - the entries and photographs are absolutely brilliant. The winners this week are The Kennedy's with a whopping 110 pencils and 2 paint brushes! There will be a prize waiting at school when we return. Well done everyone who gave it a go - it was great to see you all enjoying the challenge. 'Day stay' had a go today and absolutely loved it.

This weeks STEM challenges is called 'Can you catch a bubble?' Have you ever tried to catch a bubble without popping it? It's hard ! What materials can you use to successfully catch a bubble? Do some materials work better than others? As always, the link below gives more detail about the challenge. Post your pictures in the comments below. How many bubbles can you catch?

Mrs Barclay's Art Challenge 

Hello children.This week I thought you may like to have a look at creating some 3D art called Dioramas. Think about your favourite book or movie and have a go at making a scene from it . You can house it in a cardboard box , plant pot or maybe use an outdoor space . Try and use a mix of materials to create the landscape and think carefully about your background and foreground . Have fun and take care x




 We have received further guidance from Dr Sakthi Karunanithi, Director of Public Health, this morning. He advised that it is not yet safe to re-open our doors to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children on Monday 15th June.

Dr Karunathini has judged that Lancashire is not meeting 2 of the governments 5 tests and therefore is not in a safe position to reopen its schools at present. 

This decision will be reviewed again on Monday 15th June whereby we will gain further guidance.

School will continue to open only for those children on the key worker list.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused. We hope you’re all keeping safe and well. 

White Rose Hub

Week 7 White Rose Hub Worksheets have been uploaded for Years 1 to 6.

I have also added the answers for Week 6 as well as Week 7.

White Rose Worksheets Years 1-6


Sunday Saviours

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to sweeping changes and disruptions in nearly every aspect of daily life. With mandates and guidelines changing all the time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by our own anxieties. Taking care of yourself is not a luxury. It is essential. And during this difficult time, when children are home and stress is running high, it is more important than ever.

My first Sunday Saviour is to be kind to yourself. Lots of us struggle to treat ourselves kindly. In fact, we are often nicer to other than we are to ourselves. This week try to take notice when others are kind to you and find more ways to be kind to yourself.

Try to eat healthily. Take some exercise where you can. Stick to a sleep routine. Pace yourself and don’t blame yourself or beat yourself up if you feel you’re not coping as well as you’d like. This situation is like no other we have ever experienced. This is not normal for anyone. You’re not suddenly going to become perfect at working from home and home schooling.

For parents, uncertainty about a return to school poses a challenge. Last week Dr Sakthi Karunanithi, Director of Public Health, advised that it was not yet safe in Lancashire to reopen schools to more children. I understand that this late announcement may be frustrating if you have already planned your return to work. Dr Karunanithi will review his advice again tomorrow and if it changes, St George’s will be encouraged to take the decision to reopen to more children from the 15th June.  If the advice does not change, the guidance will be reviewed again the following week on 15th June.

As time goes on, the governors, staff and myself fully appreciate the challenges you are facing at home , particularly in regard to home learning. My Second Sunday Saviour is to log onto The Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy is a new collection of high-quality lessons and online resources. Backed by the Government, it has been created in response to the coronavirus lockdown. Their online classroom offers free access to great teachers delivering video lessons. You can also download quizzes and worksheets whilst covering a range of subjects. New lessons and resources will be available each week. The Oak National Academy will fit alongside other resources such as BBC Bitesize to offer a structure for the school day for all children until schools fully reopen.

The novelty of home-schooling may be wearing a bit thin. There are lots of ways in which parents can learn alongside their children that do not require a teaching degree or lots of textbooks. Everything in life is a lesson!

 Learning a new skill is a great way for children (in fact anyone) to pass the time. It’s an opportunity for them to grow, equip themselves with new knowledge and become a more rounded person. It is also something they can choose to learn outside of the curriculum, which gives them more independence. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s not something we always make time for. In between school, the morning run, cooking dinner and cleaning, these opportunities for learning can often get overlooked. 

My third Sunday Saviour is to learn a new skill together. Do a little spring cleaning and teach your child this important life skill. Tidy bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and all shared spaces. Get outside! There’s so much families are learning to do outside and in the much-needed fresh air. Ride bikes, go skateboarding, rollerblading or go for a jog around the neighbourhood. Children will love to help you cook meals and bake treats for the family, especially if you’re teaching them how to make something they really love.

It is highly expected that places of worship will be allowed to open from June 15th for private individual prayer under government plans to be announced next week. Individuals are expected to be able to “reflect and pray” while adhering to social-distancing rules – but worship groups, weddings and other services will still not be permitted

It is essential at all times – but particularly in times of anxiety and fear – that we continue to develop and strengthen our own habits of prayer. A simple form of prayer to say each morning and evening can be downloaded using the link below.

My Fourth Sunday Saviour is to find time to say a short prayer together. The resource can be shared with all who are at home and unable to worship together

My Fifth and Final Sunday Saviour is that good communication is now more important than ever. We will keep you updated with any developments via Facebook, the website, newsletters and by email when we have information about re-opening. Andy will continue to go Live at Lunch time on Mondays, and Wednesdays. The Senior Leadership Team will zoom on Friday's for a question and answer session. This is open to all parents and we will try our best to answer all of your questions and queries regarding the opening of Primary Schools. Don’t forget, you can get in touch with us either by phone (I believe Andy has already given out his contact number) or by using the email address

In the meantime, please stay safe, follow Public Health advice and look after each other and yourselves. I hope it will not be long before we see you again.

Louise X

Mrs Fothergill's Gymnastic Challenge 

This weeks’ challenge will test how good your throwing and catching skills are!
Can’t wait to see how many you can do in 30 seconds.                                                                                                                                          Post your results below or alternatively email to



STEM Challenge 

Hi Everyone. Hope you had a good half term and are managing to get back into the swing of things. I absolutely loved seeing all the STEM challenges last half term and can't wait to see what you post over the next few weeks. This weeks challenge is called the 'Leak Proof Bag' experiment. The link below explains it in detail and tells you all you need to know but basically, I want to see how many pencils you can push through a bag of water without it leaking. Post your pictures below and let's see who can get the most - will you risk another pencil and risk your bag leaking ? Why does the bag not leak? Some of the older kids may want to try the skewers through a balloon idea as well which is explained in the link. You may also want to do this experiment outside just in case πŸ˜† πŸ‘. Who's going to win this week?


Andy's Sunday Saviours 

Well, there's nothing worse is there.... COVID -19 pandemic, riots in USA, and Sunday Saviours on a Monday - not only on a Monday, but late on a Monday! (it's actually the 2nd time I've written them - I failed to publish the 1st draft, only for it to end up in the ether somewhere!)
The ethos of the Sunday Saviour this week is very much one of being good to yourself, being patient with yourself, and doing both with the kids. I predict a stressful week, where there's a bit of confusion about what's going on, where the kids are getting bored, lacking enthusiasm, getting fractious, where tempers may be frayed, and where stress levels, to use the COVID scale enter at level 5. Stress is inherent when you change from one routine to another, it is even higher when you expect to change, put all the planning in, then don't. Don't underestimate the amount of stress we are all under at the moment. We are living in changeable, unstable times. It is very difficult to get the Goldilocks effect right on change management - sometimes we change too fast, sometimes we change too slow.... rarely do we get it "just right" and even when we hit the spot, it's not for everyone. We need to increase meditation, coffee and contemplation time, and we need to reduce our workload. As I said in my Lunchtime Live cut back on everything - see Sunday saviour number 2 for more guidance on this. But before we embark upon Sunday Saviours, what on earth has happened last week?
The path we followed wasn't the best was it. It was a cross between the Grand Old Duke of York, and the Hokey Cokey..... we were at the top of the hill weren't we, our left foot was in..... then before we knew it our left foot was out, we were shaking it all about, and were were marching down again.
So how do we address this..... firstly..... 10 deep breaths..... go on.... do it now... you deserve it. Then let's analyse what's happened.
Lancashire, up-to 17.50 on on Wednesday 27th May was telling us to follow government advice, leaving it all to Headteachers, asking us to complete Risk Assessments galore.... then boom. Stop right there, thank you very much! So where are we now... well, let's wipe our memory, and clear our cache, and delete our browsing history.... forget all that was said about returning to school..... we're as we were.
Sunday Saviour Number 1
Let's refresh the basics. let's get reorganised, and lets start again. So, we're "home schooling" again.... no one's back at school, and the day stay key worker list hasn't changed. With that in mind, it might be nice to refresh, and re organise the home learning area. It needs to be tidy, minimalist and organised, otherwise kids wont use it. Consider a refresh of resources. Find the list of resources we 1st published upon school closure and inject a new resource into the programme. Espresso is good, age appropriate, and current. There'll be videos on there about the Rocket Launch, and Science is good on there as well. In addition continue with a programme that works for you. our programme from St George's is very similar. The day will start with a morning exercise at 9.00am, then the story will continue at 9.30am. This story is aimed at year 2/3/4 children, but accessible to all. (The infant story and the y5/6 story have now finished, and won't resume until we partially return to school. Mrs Steel will be taking over story time when we return to school) Assembly will be beamed at 11.00am daily, and I will go Live at Lunch time on Monday, and Wednesday. I will zoom on Friday's for a question and answer session. This is open to all parents - it will largely be only me answering your questions... I won't have anything massive to say, but it is another way of communicating between us. In addition, Karen Barclay will be carrying on with her art tasks, which are great, Anne Fothergill will be setting us PE challenges, Tom Norris will be setting us a STEM challenge which I know has captured many of your interests, Cathy Smith will be teaching us to sign, and Tom Fothergill may continue to entertain us with his brilliance on a Wednesday.... that said, I do know he's busy for the next 2 weeks.... I may have to do it!
Seesaw will also continue from the teaching staff. This is set daily, and i know many of you are enjoying using this APP. As you know, when/if we return to school at any point there will be a suspension in the use of this APP for 2 weeks whilst we all acclimatise to a new routine. You now have the benefit of foresight here, and may wish to stockpile a few tasks set by the teacher for use during the 2 week when we're off line? Perhaps? Maybe? Ish?
In addition we continue to refer you to the Oak academy, and to BBC bitesize for more daily lessons and activities. 
Sunday Saviour Number 2 is to limit what your doing - cut it down to 3 things a day - one thing in a morning, one in an afternoon, and one thing in an evening. Everything else can wait. You're not super human, nor in fact do you need to be. You're human with your own priorities.... don't let others add pressure onto you. That's why i repeatedly say, "If it works for you, it works for me" and that remains my motto, and it will do for the foreseeable future.... and when the time comes, i'll wean you off it gently. 
Sunday Saviour Number 3 regards our use of coffee and contemplation time. Use this time this week to read the new home learning menus and letters that will come out on Friday. These will be invaluable at offering different on line platforms for you to access as we re establish a nuanced routine for home learning. It will take effort really to inwardly digest what they say, and there may be a temptation to ignore them.... but you will be able to use them to refresh your child's home learning routine.
With regard to coffee and contemplation time time, Sunday saviour number 4 may be more than a Sunday Saviour, it may be a life saviour.  Let's slow our minds down.... let's focus on some of the positives. Take a look at
It is joyful June, and there is a lot to be joyful about. Let's take time out for ourselves to meditate. It's great. I use the free resources on
And if at this point you're saying you haven't got time - trust me. That's your minds way of telling you to find time, as you are doing too much. Look after the kids mental health as well.... remember we can access Headspace for kids. It's also superb. The kids will be fraught, stressed, and maybe even worried, perhaps especially those who will be scampering off to high school soon.... A little bit of mindfulness is ace. It will help today, and tomorrow.... its a great skills to learn. Promise.
Sunday Saviour Number 5 - why not. Learn the lyrics and a dance to Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now.... It's a right motivating song, and one I'll be blasting out on that 1st day back.... i want to hear you singing it from miles away.... and dancing to it up Carr Lane!
Can you, as is now part of the plan share you own Sunday Saviours..... can I have one from you to finish with!? What's working for you, may just be a saviour for someone else.
As always folks, thanks for your patience, understanding, support and forgiveness when we mess. I also say we're not perfect.... i don't want to be, it's too stressful. We don't always get it right, but we'll always put it right. And please, I beg be kind to yourself, and to each other. We're often much kinder  in what we say to others rather than what our inner chimp chats to ourselves. You're doing bloody brilliant. i promise. Your supporting each other, you're looking after yourselves, and your doing great in phenomenally stressful times. Im proud of you. I don't mean to patronise, I hope you're as proud of yourselves, as I am you. Well done, and thank you. And remember when you find yourself in times of trouble.... Mother Mary will pop along, there will be an answer, and until that happens simply let it be.
Take it easy folks, and breath,
Andy xx
Karen Barclay's Art Challenge 
Hello childrenπŸ‘‹πŸ»This week I thought we’d go for a walk (I’m sure you’ve been doing quite a bit of recently!). Artist Paul Klee said ‘a line is a dot that went for a walk’. This is often what happens with a doodle…you don’t plan to draw, your pencil just seems to wander off across the paper. These drawings are made from an unbroken line (you could then added stick legs and eyes to make the shapes into a quirky character).
Why not have a go at taking a dot for a walk? Don’t plan your picture. Just let your pencil wander randomly without leaving the paper/ ground/wall. Have fun x



White Rose Hub

White Rose Hub Worksheets for Week 6 have been uploaded to the website for Y1-6. Answer sheets to follow!

White Rose Hub Worksheets Link

TES Newspaper Article 

Seems eminently sensible to me.... Its pretty much how we'll return.... Whenever that maybe!

How did Dutch pupils react to going back to school?

Children's Books 

A picture book for children who are worried about the Coronavirus 

Everybody Worries

My_Hero_is_You_Storybook_for_Children_on_COVID-19 can also be downloaded by scrolling down the screen.


Pentecost at Home

 A service for the Feast of Pentecost from St George's Church, Chorley. The order of service can be found here:

St George's Pentecost at Home Service on You Tube


Partial Re Opening of Schools 

Please find attached a letter from myself and Fr David regarding the latest advice about the partial re opening of schools from 1st June. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to download. 


Some useful documents which can be downloaded if you scroll down the page. 

Helping Children Learn at Home  - Here's some guidance from our psychology service re helping your child learn at home.....

Transition Back to  School Part 1 - We will be focusing on this document as we continue our plans to help kids in reception, year 1 and year 2 transition back to school from 1 June.  We will be focusing on this document as we continue our plans to help kids in reception, year 1 and year 2 transition back to school from 1 June.

Transition Back to  School Part 2 - And our final document to share......


STEM Challenge

Sorry it's late folks's this weeks STEM challenge - This week the challenge is maths based. Follow the link below to an explanation of a famous logic game called 'Towers of Hanoi'. How many discs can you move? STEM club managed to do 5. Can you do more? Post your pictures and videos below or email to school and let's see who the Champion of Hanoi will be....


Just a little clarity for our keen SeeSaw users. You can continue to access and complete SeeSaw activities. All existing activities will stay there for you to use if you wish, but there will be no new ones posted, or feedback given, for at least two weeks after half term as everyone adjusts to the new routine.

I hope that helps, and that you enjoy using the existing activities alongside our other resources.

Oxford Owl 

Oxford Owl are allowing parents to read eBooks for free on their website.

In order to do this you need to create a parent log in and then go on ‘Books’, then onto ‘free ebooks’.

This has been checked and it provides books for 3-11 year old children.

New Intake Meeting

'New Starter Pack' have been distributed to all our confirmed 'Reception September 2020' starters, please return the green forms at the back of the pack as soon as possible. If for any reason you have not collected your pack, these will be delivered later this afternoon by a member of staff. 

Andy will be delivering an 'Intake Meeting' Live on Facebook tonight (Wednesday 20th May) at 7:00pm.

This “meeting” will last around an hour.

Prior to the meeting please ensure you have joined our Facebook page – St Georges Primary School by answering the three questions required for approval. 

If you are not on Facebook, please don’t worry, I will post the video onto our school website shortly after the address. 

For this virtual meeting, I will talk through the documentation that you will have received. Please have it to hand. I know this is all very strange, it is for me too. Although virtual, this remains a very important meeting, as we will be discussing details and procedures about your child starting school in September. (Government permitting of course!)

If you have any problems, concerns, or worries about accessing this induction process please email the school using


Art Challenge - Mrs Barclay

Hello children

It’s that time of the week again. Let’s add to our gallery. This weeks challenge was inspired by a few artists the first being Turner prize winner Grayson Perry and the others our very own Jack S and Jasmine ! All have been making ANIMAL ARTWORK. It could be a beloved pet, something exotic or abstract , whichever try to use a new medium maybe photography, clay, food or a ‘bits and bobs ‘collage. Here are a few ideas to get you started . Have fun ! X



Oak National  Academy - Home Learning Resource

The new "Oak National Academy" is an online school supported by the government's Department for Education. It has been written by more than 40 teachers.

It caters for children from Reception to Secondary age.

It can be accessed at

Each day offers a school-style English and Maths lesson plus another subject for every year group. The lessons (which are pre-recorded and can be accessed to suit) are about an hour each in duration and are delivered by a teacher, in a classroom with video, reading and graphic content. As such, they are a very good representation of a lesson in school. They do, however, require a child to have sole use of a laptop or tablet/desk top. A smart phone will work too (just a smaller screen) if they can use it uninterrupted for the whole lesson. Because each lesson needs an hour's worth of on line time, the lessons are technology-intensive. However, if you have safe and suitable IT equipment, plus a peaceful space for your child to work in, this is an excellent resource and well worth a look.

Returning to School

Folks, here are our proposed documents for the planned return of reception, year 1 and year 6 kids from 1st June. They are everything we have available at the moment.... May I suggest you read them, and ask any questions you may have on this thread. I will do a Facebook live on Wednesday and answer your questions, and we will have a zoom meeting on Friday for a face to face chat. There is no pressure, it is just our offer to you. As with everything we have said during the COVID experience, if it works for you, it works for us.

In the next few minutes we will also be sending an email out as to which temporary class your child will be in, and which staff will support them. For reception and year 1 it's quite easy - you're sticking in your little 15's that you are already in, y6, you've been split up into equal groups of 12.

Take care, stay alert, and stay safe.


Documents can be downloaded by scrolling down the page. 

White Rose Hub 

From this week, the worksheets will be available on the school website to use alongside the videos on White Rose Hub platform. if you have any queries about the White Rose Hub learning, please contact school via email. 

Link to White Rose Hub Worksheets

Andy's Sunday Saviours

Perhaps one of the strangest things to occur since schools closed is that we now consider our current situation the norm, something to hold onto, our comfort blanket - rather than the temporary sticking plaster it was always meant to be. I know that many of us will feel like this - I know I do. Seriously. However - Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis - times change, and we must change with them. And this tornado of a life that we are in is about to take off again - but this time, we do have the luxury of having a little more planning time. So, my Sunday Saviours surround how to manage this transition to step 1 of the governments plan to open school. It will place us all into a period of uncertainty - and that's an awful place to be - all our anxiety questions will return - remember anxiety questions folks? They start with what if, what happens if..... and they are questions tinged with panic and worry - albeit very well meaning, and well intentioned.
For now folks, come with me on the planning journey please.... we'll do it together eh? I worked last Friday with SLMT and Governors and have devised a plan that has gone to staff. I will be discussing the plan with colleagues and governors tomorrow, and after that I will share everything with you - absolutely everything. It will be a big read - warts and all..... but read it - chat about it - take it and reflect on it. There's no pressure, it's not us against you.... as a former prime minister used to say - "We are all in this together" And we are. And we will be fine. I promise you that.
My 1st Sunday saviour is to now do 10 minutes breathing, and put the rest of this Sunday Saviours down - I've probably just stressed a few of you out - don't be stressed folks..... its easy. Just listen to what we have to say, and chat about it - then well decide! One thing I promise you.... let me take you back to your intake meeting when your kids started with us...... remember i said to you that i will treat your kids as if they were my own...... I still will, and I know that they are your most treasured possession - I will, at all times be guided by these promises I made to you. I haven't forgotten them.
My 2nd and 3rd Sunday Saviour though folks requires you to take a look at your home timetable - you will perhaps need to do a bit of work on it. IF we open school for reception kids, year 1 kids and year 6 kids then we will be requiring all staff in school. Accordingly we will have to change of programme of support for you..... we're going no where.... you know my mobile number and help@ will remain live, but we will be pruning back our work on seesaw. I cannot expect staff to come back to work, teach outside their age group, and set seesaw activities, and mark them. So, please, over the coming 2 weeks get to grips with BBC lessons and the governments Oak Academy lessons
You will need these to support your home learning - so, we might as well build them into our routine now - focusing on 1 a week - it makes it manageable. I expect to still offer assemblies on facebook live, and I will be asking Rachel to take over 2 story times - one for years 2/3, one for 4 and 5 - but the programme of these will change.
Sunday Saviour number 4 - start to change your timetables..... Andy Live will be on Mondays and Wednesdays - me on Facebook. The intended audience for this will be parents, as I talk your through the calm, and well managed change to the potential changes - that way we all stick together, and take a step back to normality. You can comment on these lives - and if your comments come through on time I will answer them during the spiel
Sunday Saviour Number 5 Get to grips with Zoom, as I will go live on zoom each Friday at 12pm to take any questions from you, or any thoughts.
This Fridays meetings requires:
Meeting ID 875 5517 3393
Password 9eX4Au
I will initially mute you all, which seems rude, but if I don't the receipt of my voice on your PC is inaudible..... we will have to see how it goes....
Sunday Saviour Number 6 - Keep the faith folks.... you've done brilliantly. I promise you that. You've been amazing - every single one of you. Change is unsettling.... but we'll know more very very soon. And as we've always done, we will work together - we will leave no one behind.....
We will remain there for each other. We will remain supportive of each other..... remember..... what ever you decide.... if it works for you, it works for me folks.
Im going to try and leave with a quote..... Im not sure how it will come over...
Take care folks, and I'll see you today at 12pm
Andy xx

Mrs Fothergill's Gymnastic Challenge 

Well done all who completed the skipping challenge last week- I’m very impressed!
This week’s gymnastics challenge is:
How long can you hold a plank?
You need to have a straight body, like Tom, and lean on your elbows!
Post how long you hold it for on Facebook or alternatively email your times to school using


Message from Andy

The demised of Purcell's Parbold pop up seems to have hot some of you as hard as Take That splitting up!!

I had to stop it.... It had had its day, and I was knackered! However, upon mature reflection the timing seems rubbish.... So the compromise is, as we enter a new phase and take steps towards partial re opening...

Andy Live.... Mondays and Wednesday @12..... On Facebook...

Zoom the squad.... A member of the SLMT team will host a zoom Q/A session for you all every Friday at 12pm.....

Don't forget we also have help@, and 07776....

Your day has just got better.....

Sunday saviours here as normal this evening. 

Operation Bletchley - Activity Suggestion from Mrs Brown 

Operation Bletchley is your Virtual Codebreaking Challenge. Your mission is to cover either 50 or 100 miles on foot and crack the codes as you go. With brand new codes to crack for 2020. Have you got what it takes to deliver your final message before time runs out?

Operation Bletchley

This looks like a great family fundraising activity. The Junior clues are aimed at 8-12 year olds. I’m signing up for the London Mission

Ukulele Sessions on Charanga.

This message is aimed at Classes 7, 8 and 10 on behalf of the ukulele teacher Mr Woodward. He is going to be able to offer weekly sessions on Charanga. If you would like to access them please email with your child’s name and class.

Mrs Barclay's Art Challenge 

Good afternoon children, it’s artist of the week time and this week is a bit different, our artist is one of today’s leading Graphic designers. Her name is Jacky Al - Samarraie . She likes to use silhouettes and just one block colour to show a scene or a pastime ( if you have seen the school V.E day celebration piece it’s a bit like that )
So, your challenge is to show a scene or a pastime special to you BUT you can only use one colour and black .Here are some examples of her work to give you a starting point ...... Have fun x


Andy's Sunday Saviours

Well, we have probably all just watched the Prime Minister, and we'll have mixed feelings, that's inevitable, and certainly loads of questions.... my advice here would be don't ask them just yet - certainly about school. I've no idea on any answers.... we clearly need more details which will come over the next week or so. I certainly don't know the answer to questions about school, but I'll get them over the coming week.
Let's not take the prime ministers comments as the starting gun of change.... more a call to the starting line....  So, for now, if you wish, lodge the Prime Ministers comments on "The side plate, as a starter - let's wait for the main course!"
In such a charged situation, with our emotions all over the place, the pressures on us all are immense aren't they. Once again though, I would like to offer my opinion that many pressures comes from our own negative self talk..... i don't want to say to you "stop it" as you can't really, but with practice you can turn the volume down, and you can learn to ignore it, and treat it as the background noise it is. The Sunday Saviour are unashamedly positive. Not unrealistic. Just positive. I'm not some unrealistic Pollyanna, I just want to try and ensure that our thoughts, actions and conversations are proportionate to the situation. It would be very easy indeed for our thoughts, actions and conversations to become disproportionate to the situation, and that's not good for anyone.
So my Sunday Saviour number 1 is to reflect on the past week, and celebrate your successes. There are many. We did a great runathon, and superb bakeathon in addition to all your other successes whether they be seesaw, gardening, exercise, Do so on your own, but also as a family.... get a feel good buzz between yourselves and your kids.... congratulate yourselves. You're doing great, I promise...
My Sunday Saviour number 2 is part of a longer term plan.... maintain the structure you've set up... stick to it.... It sounds from the statement tonight that schools are not opening up fully any time soon. I'll put some thought into this, and perhaps offer some changes and fresh resources and ideas for after half term. But remember my underlying belief in all of this.... nothing we offer to you is compulsory at all. We offer suggestions for you to use if you wish, to support you. But if what you're doing is working for you, then it is certainly working for me.
Sunday Saviour number 3. Simple. If your stress levels are above 5/10 then get in touch with us! If nothing else we can talk..... it certainly won't do any harm.
Sunday Saviour number 4. Go back to the basics.... we're so far into this now we'll have forgotten the basics... all the guidance we gave out in the beginning - we bombarded you.... I reckon less than 20% will have stuck..... so in your coffee and contemplation time this week re read the advice we offered in the early days, check out the resources, re read the homework menus, and for now.... take baby steps.... all you need do is keep putting one foot in front of another, get out of bed, and keep your kids, and yourselves safe.
Sunday Saviour number 5 - remember your coffee and contemplation time. Time where you're not doing anything, you're not "teaching", you're not working, you're not cooking or cleaning.... you're just scanning, contemplating and mentally planning.... take this time to plan a calm smooth next few days!
Help me out with Sunday Saviour Number 6.... What's working for you? What's helped you? What's saved you? True..... it might not work for others, but I might gently nudge them onto a different, more positive and more successful track... Who knows. So, help me out, and help us all out..... what would you write for Sunday Saviour Number 6?
Take it easy folks, and remember if you're struggling, want to check something or simply just want a chat....., or give me a call.
Year Six SATS Poem

A Poem for our Year 6 children πŸ€— 🌈 (it's not one of mine, but all the same it's lovely.... Xx)

Today is the day that SATs would have started,
The classroom set up and the tables parted,
The rules on the board, the display walls all covered,
Your workbooks away, out of sight in the cupboard,

Instead you are home, you’re doing your bit,
Protecting your families from getting sick,
It’s important right now, we’re in lockdown you see,
Being part of world history,

You’ve all worked so hard, you should be so proud,
You’ve practised your SPAG and times tables out loud,
You’ve learnt algebra to the Nth degree,
And now the tests, they will no longer be,

Some may be sad that they can’t take the tests,
“Hip hip hooray,” I’ve no doubt said the rest,
Whilst the tests are on hold and you stay home this term,
Remember that tests can’t measure everything you learn,
And I don’t need SATs results to tell me,
How hard you have worked, it’s easy to see,

St George’s Year 6, let me shout it out loud,
You’ve made all your teachers so very proud,
So please continue to learn, fill that brain up full,
And remember, we think you’re all wonderful!

British Gymnastics Challenge
This weeks gymnastics challenge is How many skips can you do in 30 seconds?
Good luck and post your results on Facebook or alternatively email them to school using


VE Day 75 Art Competition

Congratulations to our winners:
KS1 - Matilda H & Pearl (Class 3)
KS2 - Jasmine P (Class 10)

A special prize will be with you later today!

Many thanks to all of the children that entered. It was a really tough decision so I asked my Dad to be the judge.

Jasmine - He said, your artwork ie (fields of poppies) is a great representation of those who lost their lives on the altar of freedom. 'Lest we forget!'

Matilda- He said, your artwork (a field of poppies with a spitfire flying above) is a great representation of the courage British Soldiers showed in the face of overwhelming odds.



STEM Challenge

Thank you for your videos and entries for last weeks STEM challenge. They were ace! I was impressed by all the videos this week - great engineering everyone ! This week, your challenge is to design a contraption that will protect a raw egg when it falls from a height. You can use any materials you have at home to protect your egg but your egg must go inside the contraption before it is dropped rather than putting things down on the floor. I have posted a link below to a website full of ideas and how you could adapt for KS1/KS2 children. Post your pictures of your contraptions below in the comment or even post a video of you dropping your egg inside the contraption and revealing whether the egg has survived or not. Get making kids ! Who can drop it from the highest point without it breaking? Good luck.

Alternatively email them to school using…/


This is mega kids..... Get on it! Its superb.. If you're doing the 50 challenge and don't know what to do.... Go an research 50 relatives.

Free Ancestry Subscription until SUNDAY

British Legion KS2 VE Home Learning Resources…/rem…/teaching-remembrance

The Royal British Legion has created some home learning resources for children in KS2. This is an ideal opportunity to use and learn more about VE day over the bank holiday.



Andy's Sunday Saviours

Happy Sunday everyone.... great day for a run! I can tell you now, it's virtually certain that i'm going to miss someone of this video Nathan's planning - but don't let that deter you or demotivate, and accept my apologies now!!!! Run kids run.... and I'll do my best! Remember to send them if you can via whatapp - that's the green one, not the blue message service! Don't worry if you've send it via the blue messenger service, I have downloaded them and sent them, it's just a little more cumbersome..... anyhow, enough of that - run kids run..... and enjoy!
Watching the Andrew Marr who this morning, what an absolute joy to listen to Dr Maria Van Kerkhove from the WHO. Her language was like a fine wine..... "we need to learn more about, we think that, that's an important question..... we believe that ......... but we don't have enough information yet....." Absolute brilliance. Confident, knowledgeable, real.... a far cry i'm afraid from the British press, who, I have to stay in my humble opinion have been pretty dismal in their reporting. (And i know I shouldn't say that on a newsletter.... but technically this isn't a newsletter, but I've no doubt Fr David will reprimand me later!!!) If we're not very careful we can get our minds racing at 1000000mph over a topic that is inaccurate, beyond our control, and indeed already well in hand.... the press really do light the blue touch paper..... then create more negativity for them to report on..... so sad. Professor Chris Whitty is my new hero, his deputy Jenny Davies is brilliant, Sir Patrick Vallance is mega and words cannot really describe how much I admire Ian Diamond, our chief National Statistician whose answer to the insinuation that the UK was amongst the worse in Europe in dealing with the more sever cases of COVID was utter brilliant. In a nutshell - he said don't talk rubbish! Anyhow.... i'm on fire aren't i! You can tell Ive got my run to do yet!
Kids returning to school is one topic where the press appear to know it all! Returning to school is quite exciting - we can't wait to be back! How it will work, will there be late stay, how many children in a class, what about this, what about that..... I don't know yet. I've no idea! I know as much as you..... I watch the briefings each day, and once we know the facts.... I'll work with SMLT and will create our plan! My biggest worry about returning to work is whether I'll have finished the year 5/6 story - i guess if we've not, then story time will continue!!!
As always, one of my biggest worries during day stay opening hours, and Key Worker school is everyone's mental health, and i'm going to make this Sunday Saviour number 1 - to look after yours, and your kids mental health. Write things out of your mind..... Things that maybe causing disproportionate stress and anxiety are often cooled by writing things out of your mind.... write them down, onto paper and out of your mind.... the paper can hold and store them for you, meaning that you don't have to. It slows the mind. It calms the mind. It creates space in the mind....
Sunday Saviour Number 2 isn't really a Sunday saviour, it's more a request. Please read the newsletter this week.... i'm going to organise a zoom assembly on Friday, VE day for the kids of both schools. I will post the details on Facebook... of course there's a toxic trio cocktail here which spells disaster.... me.... technology..... 300 kids..... hmm.... but it's worth trying!
Get to know Zoom is my 3rd non Sunday Saviour, certainly if you're tempted to join the assembly on Friday! To be fair, if you've got other things on, and you're not joining the assembly, then you can ignore this Sunday Saviour..... remember.... if it works for you, it most certainly works for me!
Coffee and Contemplation Time. Take time for this 4th Sunday Saviour. Use it as valuable time to plan your week ahead, reflect on the week gone by, congratulate yourself.... You are, by all the evidence I have available to me doing a brilliant job. It's massive what you're all doing.... dealing with daily stresses, working from home, dealing with furlough, or sadly dealing with having lost ones job.... all under the umbrella of a tricky health situation! All with your kids at home..... it's unprecedented, and it is to your absolute credit that you're doing so bloody brilliantly - and yes.... it deserves a "bloody" thrown in there...... Don't take your successes for granted. Don't berate yourself for any little failings.... just take it easy, and with pride, and with the knowledge your surrounded by a stunning team of people just carry on.... taking baby steps if you need to... but gently, slowly just keeping putting one foot in front of the other. And remember 07776....... or help@ ..... use them whenever, and for whatever.
Sunday Saviour Number 5
Is one i'm certainly to do ..... i'm going to de-clutter, mass clean, and massive re tidy. Tidy house is a tidy mind.... and this has a huge impact on morale, and, certainly in school, kids behaviour! So perhaps this week have a massive tidy up, refresh the kids working area, re establish standards.... maybe? Ish? If you want!!!
Garden Time.... have a part of the day where you can be mindful. Have a part of the day where not not doing, you're not thinking you're just noticing, your using your senses, but doing nothing with them.... it's ace! There some great free resources on
They're free, and there's loads, my best, and 6th Sunday Saviour this week, is to find time each day to be mindful, and if you're too busy and can't find time..... then you need to find twice as long to be mindful as you might be doing too much!
Take it easy folks, and may I conclude by continuing my thanks, and appreciation and heartfelt love to all on the front line NHS who must be shattered, scared and challenged beyond belief. For what it's worth, may I pass on my continuing thanks and appreciation for all that you are doing. My thanks to you all. Andy x



Get creative whilst at home with our VE Day 75 Art Competition!

The Royal British Legion calls on the nation to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day from home.

Join us on Friday 8 May as we pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of the entire Second World War generation, from British, Commonwealth and Allied Forces to evacuees and those who served on the home front. As we face some of the most challenging times since the end of the Second World War, now more than ever it is important to unite in recognition of service to the nation, just as communities did 75 years ago.

At St George’s we wanted to find a way for our pupils to celebrate this special date in history with friends and family from the comfort of their own homes.

It is time to get your paintbrushes, pencils and/or modelling clay out and put your best creative hats on, because we are holding a VE Day 75 themed art competition; the perfect task for you and your loved ones to get stuck into during lockdown.

The brief is open and simple, create a piece of art to celebrate the 75th anniversary of this historical milestone. If you are unsure where to start, think poppies, celebrating soldiers, bunting, street parties and Union Jack flags. Your artistic creation can be a drawing, a painting, a sculpture or whatever you think best celebrates VE Day 75.

Post them onto Facebook under the post or email them to school by Tuesday evening. Good luck!

St George's Marathon Update 

Ok.... so we're running 250 miles tomorrow! Gettin.... that's all the way to Cornwall! How ace is that?

So tomorrow.... Run George's run.......

And send your videos to me....

Front camera.....1st 5 seconds, last 5 seconds.... landscape..... no talking!

And we'll see what Nathan can do with it!

Good luck everyone, and stay socially distant, and Lucas H - hope you're hungry for dust x

Cheers everyone....

New schedule can be downloaded below. 

Update on Arts Week from Miss Yates

Kids... do you remember Arts Week?! That seems such a long time ago now doesn’t it! Do you remember the Andy Warhol that picture you took of yourselves? ... well tadaaaa!! It’s arrived!! How brilliant is it! It’s waiting for you at school, ready for you to find your face when you get back... Thanks to the Gregory family for putting it together so beautifully for us!

Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild Challenge - Recommended by Mrs Makepeace 

Thought some of the children and their families might be interested in this. I’ve signed up!

This June we challenge you and your family to do one wild thing a day! Take part in 30 Days Wild! 🐝🌱🐞😊

Sign up for 30 Days Wild

Year 6 Hall Board Challenge 

Year 6... We're doing the hall boards up... I need your help. Please can you send me, ON SEESAW, 3 selfies.

#1: looking happy
#2: Looking indifferent/ bored
#3: extremely sad

Many thanks,

Mr Horne

STEM Challenge

Hi all. Wednesday afternoon means another STEM challenge. This week, I want to see who can design and make the paper aeroplane that can carry the biggest cargo. All is explained in the video and the website (link below). Post your entries in the comments below on Facebook or alternatively email it to . Can't wait to see your efforts !…/stem-paper-airplane-chall…/

Prag's Indian Cooking Club

Hope you had fun making the recipes I shared last time. This time I’m sharing my Naan & Chicken Korma recipes. I’d love some feedback & let me know if there’s a recipe you’d like me to write & share with you. 




Andy's Weekly Address 

Well, how you all doing!? Here’s the weekly newsletter—it does contain additional information from what’s on facebook, in addition to some repetition…. It’s just another way of trying to communicate with you all, and keep you all in the loop best we can.

I think between all SLMT we’ve now spoken to you all, and what a great group of people you are. You’re performing minor miracles… being a parent, holding down your jobs, and now teaching as well! Take it easy out there, and remember there’s enough pressure on us…. Don’t add unnecessary pressure on yourselves…. If it’s working for you, its working for me.

Strangely, and rather unexpectedly I’m finding myself very busy! Im not quite sure why…. There is actually a lot going on behind the scenes…. Staff are continuing to be absolutely mega on the social media, and see saw… and know every school is doing their bit, and actually, not that it is for me to be proud of my colleagues, but I’m genuinely so impressed at what my headteacher colleagues are doing around Chorley—what a great place to work, to live and to be socially isolated in—take a look at the brilliant book benches as well on your daily hours exercise...another feather in the cap for Chorley!

At school we have ran an advert for 2 teachers this year. No one is leaving, but Rachel will start her official maternity in September, and we need an additional teacher apropos school expansion.

That said, I’ve spoken to all teachers, and released the teaching line up for next year on the next page…. Kids haven’t yet been allocated to classes yet, we will do this over the course of the term, and release as normal, when we send out your report…. Which we will do as normal, although clearly they’re only going to comment on the 1st 2 terms in school!

Take care folks

Andy xx

Art Challenge by Mrs Barclay

Good afternoon children . I loved seeing all of your Hundertwasser creations last week they were fabulous ! How’s your hair looking ? Surreal ? The theme this week is ‘crazy hair ‘ . Take a picture/ draw your face( or mums, dads, grandma, grandads )and get ‘surreally ‘ creative with hair! I have attached some ideas.Year 5 and 6 have a look at incorporating Surrealism and maybe build an artist profile of Salvador Dahli . Take care and enjoy ! πŸŽ¨πŸ‘πŸ»x


Bug Club Advice from Mrs Brown

As it's come up more than once on the help@, please note that to access Phonics Bug you need to use the school code as well as your personal log in details. Also, your Internet browser will make a difference; for example it doesn't work well in Safari but is fine in Chrome.

Active Learn This includes Bug Club and Phonics Bug. Your child’s teacher may use this to set online reading activities. You will need the school code, below, as well as your child's individual Log In details. School code: stge

Lancashire Consultants Home Schooling TV

Lancashire consultants have launched a lancashire home schooling TV. The Lancashire consultants are fab, and it could be, if you want, something that you build into your daily, or weekly timetable, if that's what your doing? Nicola Tomlinson-Martin is doing the English, and she is fab.... she trains us at School, and the alliance trainees.
LPDS TV has been devised for teachers, parents and children, offering short and simple tips, games and activities to keep children engaged with home learning. Each episode lasts around 10 minutes and will be available for free on the Learning Excellence YouTube channel and Facebook page on a weekly basis. Episode one will go live at 9.30am on Monday 20th April and will feature 'Super Sentences' with Nicola Martin, 'Maths Magic' with Andrew Taylor, 'History around the home' with Steven Kenyon and 'Quiz Time' with Rob Musker:

Home Learning

Mrs Brown has kindly uploaded this half terms class newsletter and homework menus to the website. Click on the link below and locate (click) your child's class on the left hand side.

Charanga Home Learning - Music 

Good morning,

We have a fantastic music resource in school that we use from Lancashire called Charanga. They have created some home learning music packages, known as YUMU, which we can now all access. The logins for the children are the same as their ones for Purple Mash, TTRS and Numbots etc. Only slight difference is they need to put a # in front of their login and password. I have attached an example login letter at the bottom of the page . Please let me know if you have any difficulties logging in.

The link is;

Many thanks,

Siobhan Horder

Premier League Primary Stars Home Learning 

Premier League Primary Stars have a range of free activities to support children and keep them learning, active and having fun.Premier League Primary Stars have a range of free activities to support children and keep them learning, active and having fun.

Premier League Primary Stars Home Learning

Brownies with Gerry - A link from Mrs Brown

Sent to me by my brother, who obviously had nothing to do with this at all! Enjoy watching, and maybe have a go at making the brownies. I’d love to see your efforts, even though I can’t come and try them. πŸͺ

Brownies with Gerry Link

Pink Floyd Musical Activity - A link from Mr Purcell

Perhaps as well innit!!??
Get singing kids, get learning a dance, get playing the drums, guitar, kitchen pans.... Whatever.... Enjoy x

Pink Lloyd - We Don't Need No Education 


Good afternoon everyone. I hope the week has gone well, that you're all safe and well. I don't want to predict what life is like in your homes, but for me and my digital circle of family and friends life is getting boring, and as the surprise and shock of "lockdown" wains, the importance of staying at home needs refreshing, for me at least. It remains crucial that we follow the government instruction of essential travel only, exercise locally for an hour a day maximum, deploy socially distant measures at all times and wash our hands thoroughly and frequently. As for the kids being at home... maintain a routine. Kids thrive off routine, and without routine the kids will fill the vacuum with chaos, moods, grumps and sulks.... and that benefits no one. If this is becoming the case at your home, please use the help@email, or give me a call, and I'll certainly see what I can do. And that leads me to Sunday Saviour Number 1.
Use of a rota, timetable and structure.
I think this will be beneficial to life at home. Younger children will need help accessing the structure which makes it more difficult, whereas as those kids in years 5 and 6 can access structure independently aplomb. Within this structure keep the activities and times relatively short - off the top of my head around 15 minutes for infants, around 30 minutes for juniors, depending on the activity - shorter if its not interactive, longer if it is! As boredom creeps in, work with your kids to refresh and revise the structure - freshen it up, use different resources - a change really is as good as a rest! But don't make changes instantly, kids need to still accept the monotony and boredom of life, kids needs to learn about digging into resilience, and accepting the imperfections of life. No matter how hard we try we cannot make a kids life trouble free, 100% happy, and give them what they want, when they want it.... that's just creating a problem further down the line. But when boredom does creep in we can "stick with it for this week, we'll change it on Friday, ready for next week...."
There's loads of resources out there for you to utilise …. I know, it's just finding the time.... I get that! Having said all that, remember my mantra through all of this... if it's working for you, it's working for me.
Curricular Newsletter and Homework Menu
We will send out tomorrow this half terms class newsletter and homework menus. They include a rather excellent structure for you to follow if you wish. A Sunday saviour is to sit down as a family and go through the documents - you might want to consider pushing the kids in a direction they don't want to go - doing one "boring thing" for every 3 or 4 for example. Kids, like adults, have their favourites, and I suppose a theme running through these Sunday Saviours is resilience and of course, our mental health
Mental Health
As always monitor yours, and your kids mental health. There are some great resources on Facebook from CHAMHS, or use headspace app. That's great as well. Action for happiness for May has been posted in the topic "Action for happiness" and again this is just a great family resource, that gives you all something in common to work on - this in turn reduces the feeling of isolation and loneliness which creeps up all to easily for some during these times.
St George's Runathon
Join a group event..... there's a massive runathon going on next Sunday.... we're all, in our own time, at our own location, and our own space getting out for a run next Sunday. Although we'll remain in isolation we'll be doing something together - something to text about, maybe even something to laugh about - something as part of a community. I for one am looking forward to it. It's something to do, something to look forward to and it gives us hope of things to come. And without hope, life's pretty dreary. So come on.... lets get off the sofa, and get out.... let's see how far we can get!
Are you doing at least some work?
This can be anything.... are you accessing seesaw, purplemash, home espresso, bbc bitesize, whiterose maths....or the national trusts 50 things to do before you're 113/4..... if your accessing one, or some of these things then great - you're not just playing on x box! And remember, with everything I say..... if it works for you, it works for me!
Coffee and Contemplation
I think this is so important, and if you haven't got time to do it, then it's even more important. I'll let you into aa secret, and try and make between 30 minutes and an hour each week, whenever possible at work, where I grab a coffee and do nothing but look around, take it all in, reflect and plan. I have a notepad with me, and I just let my mind wander. I do congratulate myself on the things that have gone well - and so should you, I make notes of things that I see that need changing, it's often during this time that some of my whacky ideas pop up, as do the things I've forgotten to do. If nothing particular pops into my head I just sit, and chill, focussing on my breathing.... feeling the air rolling up my nose, into my lungs, then out again.... it gives me time out, and slows my brain down from the million mile an hour it normally works at.... it works for me, it might work for you! Coffee and contemplate..... perfect.
So there we go..... 6 of the best for this week. Achieve 1 and 2 of those and your doing just fine, achieve between 3 and 4 and you're well on top of it. You're flying high. If you're achieving 5 or 6 then your either showing off, your actually a teacher, or you should be on our training programme for teachers!
As always folks, stay safe, and stay indoors. I reckon during times like this things are not going to be perfect are they, so we'll never be a 10/10, but if you get to below 5/10 then get in touch please, either by phone or by email and I'll do my best.Take it easy folks, and without patronising you, very well done for all that you're doing. You're doing great. Be proud. Andy x
Useful links from Mrs Brown

Money Sense

Natwest MoneySense Home Learning covers a new money topic every fortnight, with free and fun resources to use at home.

British Gymnastics Challenge

Time for the weekly gymnastics challenge!
Well done to those that took part in last weeks balance challenge .... very impressive!
This week see how many times you can do a stretch or tuck jump in 30 seconds holding a beanbag between your knees! ⁠
If you don't have a beanbag, why not change for a pair of socks?⁠ Post your results on Facebook or alternatively email it to      


Update on the Marathon 
As I see it right now.... great response. Community get together without getting together..... 7 marathons in the bag. Boom. Video the start, and the finish..... 5 second video.... no talking. Use front camera of phone, and do it landscape please! WhatsApp me your videos (see the facebook page for Andy's contact telephone number) or alternatively email it to

The St George's (Social Distancing) Marathon - Pupils, Staff and Parents

Can we run a marathon next Sunday?

If you're keen to join in the fun? Send us an email on or write on a comment underneath the post on Facebook containing which miles you'll do, then we'll set up a results snake.  Mr P will start it off, he is going to do 0-4 miles. So, whose gonna do miles 4 to.....? Just run wherever, but next Sunday.... Come on kids.... Let's do this....

Open to Parents, kids, staff, remember you have to complete your run in an hour max..... #socialdistancing #stayhomesavelives #protectthenhs

* Download the How Far we can we run pdf at the bottom of the page. 

Happy St George's Day 

George was an excellent soldier and was chosen to protect the emperor, Emperor Diocletian. Emperor Diocletian was not a Christian, in fact he hated Christians!  He ordered that any Christians within the Roman army should be killed! George disagreed with the emperor and told him that he was, himself, a Christian.  The emperor didn’t want to lose one of his best soldiers and tried to convince George to stop being a Christian.  He even offered him land and money! Time and time again, George refused the emperor’s offers, saying that his Christian faith was too important to him. Eventually Diocletian lost patience and had George beheaded on 23rd April 303. (This is St Georges day in our country)
Those are the facts, now here is the legend:-
Long ago in Turkey lived a soldier called George. He sailed across the sea to a land called Libya. When he got there a man told him that his village was being terrorised by a dragon.  Each day they had to feed a maiden to the dragon, and now only the king’s daughter was left. George was a brave soldier.  He said that he would kill the dragon and save the princess and the village. He threw his spear at the dragon, but it hit his tough scales and broke in two. The dragon was furious and knocked George onto the ground! George tried to stab the dragon with his sword but, again, the scales were too tough. George escaped and ran behind a tree.  The dragon breathed fire at George, but his shield protected him. George leapt from behind the tree.  As the dragon took another breath to breathe out fire, George stuck his sword between his ribs.  The dragon was dead! The village was saved!  George married the princess and they lived happily ever after.
As exciting as this story is, it is only a legend. Dragons were often used in stories to represent evil.  So, this story could represent George’s battle with Emperor Diocletian.
Church Service on Youtube
Revd Mike has put a service together for our Patron, St George. As we cannot be together for St George's Day, we're doing great at being together.... Well done everyone. Proud of you all. Happy St George's Folks. Andy 
Useful links from Mrs Brown
A link discovered by Mrs Brown that promotes mindfulness activities for children.
A link discovered by Mrs Brown about using lego bricks and games to pass on any free time. 
PE CHALLENGE from Miss Berry 


Art Challenge by Mrs Barclay   

Good afternoon children ! Each week I will be giving you a new artist to research and am challenging you to create artwork based on their style . You could paint, use fabric, use food, junk model or anything else you can think of . Remember to use scale think big / think small .

This weeks artist is Hundertwasser

(Year 6 you could do an artist profile as you did for Gaudi) . Post them onto Facebook or email them to . I can’t wait to see your creations ! Take care 

Stem Challenge by Mr Norris

It's Wednesday afternoon which means it's time for a new STEM challenge ! The rockets that you made since the last STEM challenge have been brilliant and they all look amazing - some of you even managed to launch them! My winners this week are Cian O'Donohoe and Molly Holland - well done on your fantastic rockets you two and well done to everybody who took part.

Mr P has actually pinched some of my STEM challenge this week in one of his Parbold Pop Ups! This week, you will able to see satellites flying overhead at night. Pick a night to stay up with your parents and watch them fly across the sky. Theres some information on this website on when to look out for them -

Also, whilst you are outside, download an app onto your parents phone (with their permission) called 'star tracker'. Its amazing! If you hold it up to the night sky it tells you what stars and planets you are looking at ! I used it to work out that I was looking at Venus on Monday night. Record all the planets/stars/ constellations you see and post on the comments before next Wednesday. No competition or winners this week, just a challenge to excite and spark curiosity.

20.04.2020- Welcome Back! 

Welcome back everyone, I hope your enjoying the sunshine - apart from those of you on the medical front line. I hope you're safe, well, still full of energy, and still working hard..... you're time will come xx
And in very strange circumstances, a very big welcome to our incoming reception parents, who are beginning to join the Facebook page, in preparation for their Facebook live introduction at some point in May! But for those of you who are established Georgians, here are this weeks Sunday Saviours. Remember please..... EVERYTHING we publish is aimed at supporting your home life, it is not compulsory, it is not a necessity.... if it doesn't work for you, ignore it. The aim of the Sunday saviours are to give you tips of what to achieve each week; to stop you feeling overwhelmed, and if you want it, to give you a guiding light of a route to follow. That's all. I hope you're all doing ok; I know that reality is kicking in for some of you now, but remember your over riding priority is to keep your kids fed, watered and safe..... that's it. If you do that, we can sort the rest when we're back. I promise you that.
Sunday Saviours
Establish a structure, and change the pace. Send out the message to the kids that holiday time is over. A more formal approach to life is now needed... what ever that may be. Re establish your rules, re establish your weekly timetable. It will look very different in each of your households. I know some of you are doing 2.5 days "school" "2.5 days play whilst parents do their work", some of you are doing morning school, afternoon mum and dad work..... Both are great. One thing to try, especially for older kids is if you're doing 1/2 and 1/2 days follow the same rules for each other. EG when the kids are schooling, the parents make the drinks, make the food, have control of the TV and X box etc..... When it's parents at work.... give the kids the ipad, TV control.... get them to make the drinks.... send out the signal that we genuinely are in this together. Print your structure out, and whenever possible, stick to it. Kids thrive of routine.
BBC videos
These will probably be good. They are probably worth trying to build into your daily routine. Choose something that your kids can do..... don't try and challenge them.... now isn't the time to add stress to your kids life - or yours. But the BBC videos will probably be a good resource to complement your daily/ weekly timetable. Perhaps use the BBC for "other subjects" rather than English and maths. Read on to find out why.....
After Easter Staff will be setting daily work on seesaw. The Lancashire literacy consultants have come up with a tremendous resource for home learning for English - it's brilliant. Staff have been working away preparing to deliver daily English, via see saw, using this resource. So I wouldn't use BBC videos for English. Staff will also be setting daily maths for you via seesaw. Remember though...... this is all only optional. Do not start getting worked up if you can't fit it in. Ignore it..... its not compulsory.
For your maths resources we have . We have which is great for the kids, and adults to be fair. And is well worth popping into your routine. Staff will also be sending out homework menus, and a curricular letter by the end of the week with ore ideas relevant to each year group.
Here's a great adventure for Key Stage 2 - but don't forget EspressoDiscovery Education has loads of great resources for everyone. 
Username: student18903
Password: George
Mental Health
Yours and the kids. This remains a priority. Look after it. Take time away, if your getting stressed.... ignore it, and contact and we'll get back to you very quickly and do our best for you. Re mental health for kids.... use headspace, and there's been a link posted from CAMHS which is probably good (I haven't actually looked at it folks. re mental health, what help me loads was stopping watching the news, and certainly reading the papers.... I'm not a fan of how things are reported if i'm honest.
Remember be kind to yourself
It's the 1st week back in a very new situation. A situation we never thought existed. And you're all doing great; of that I promise you. You know what your doing, but do you know what your not doing. Let me remind you as my final Sunday Saviour.
You're not saying "I should be doing this"
You're not saying " I have to this this"
You're not comparing yourself to others
Your keeping yourselves and the kids fed, watered and safe. That's all. Anything else comes as a beautiful, and probably quite unexpected surprise. Take it, and congratulate yourself. What I say to staff the 1st week back after any term is to go slow.... and set up one thing each day, in preparation for a faster canter the following week. And that's I'll conclude by saying to you..... you've got a hell of a lot on. As they say. Keep calm. Carry on. Do your best. And if you're keen, join me for story times as usual (y3/4 after Joe Wicks, Infant, around 1.30pm and The Runways for year 5/6 and adults..... at 8pm! ..... So, ill see you tomorrow for Parbold pop up - and check the page at 8.50am for a welcome back message that is, to be fair... pretty lovely
Welcome back folks, stay safe, stay positive, and stay socially distant!
Andy xx
St Catherine's Hospice  - Remember Focus Week?
An article about how a wardrobe from a St Catherine’s Hospice shop helped recreate a favourite fantasy story for Chorley schoolchildren.  We all can't wait to be doing things like ths again. 
British Gymnastics Challenge
Morning everyone, time for my weekly gymnastics challenge!
Well done to all that took part in the “hoop jumping” challenge last week- I was very impressed!
This week is slightly different! Watch the video and then be creative and post your best balances on facebook or email them to


Easter Competition (Mrs Foth)

I've just been "judging" the Easter colouring competition with my family and we are all agreed that the entries were ALL so good, that everyone who entered deserves a rainbow reward.

Well done to the following kids:-

C1/2 = Anya B & Jack S

C3/4 = Kira P, Ian K, Jacob W, Matthew W

C5 = Lois H, Emma J, Erin B, Freya F, Max W

C6 = Kourtney P

Y4 = Ella H. Millie J, James S

Y5 = Josh P, Austin, Edward W

(I think I've included everyone)

Home School Resources 

πŸ”Ά From 9am Monday to Friday, you’ll be able to watch BBC Bitesize Daily on BBC iPlayer and Red Button.
πŸ”Ά 20-minute lessons covering ages 5 to 14.
πŸ”Ά Brought to you by experts, teachers and some very familiar faces.
πŸ”Ά Over 150 new lessons published every week on our website and app.

National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics -NCETM Video Mathematics Lessons

These short videos are intended to provide primary school pupils with interactive lessons while they are at home. Most lessons are 15 to 20 minutes long, each ending with suggested follow-up tasks. All lessons exemplify a Teaching for Mastery approach to maths. The current plan is for a new batch of five lessons to be added here every week.

Coronavirus - Information Booklet for Children

A free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler


CAMHS have lots of useful resources including links to help children who might be worrying about the coronavirus. 

Indian Cooking Club - Spice up your Life

We know how much you have enjoyed Indian Cooking Club. Prags has attached some recipes to the bottom of the page which you are welcome to download so you can try some of the dishes at home.


Why not .... Just for fun, and to brighten up our Facebook page.

Easter Not a Competition
Decorate an egg

Okay everyone ! We know how talented you all are from the amazing hats, jumpers and costumes you produce on our special school days so we have decided to run an Easter not a competition to decorate an egg ( or a few ) in an innovative and eggciting way !

Remember to hard boil your eggs.... Poached, scrambled or fried don't work as well.

- Post your pictures on Facebook on Easter Sunday.

Have fun everyone !


Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week. 🌿🌿✝️
Here is a great video to watch with the children to explain the story of Palm Sunday.
Also if you follow this link you can take part in Palm Sunday mass with Father David.

Contact from Rev Mike

If you would like a call from our Vicar during these unusual times, please private message the church's facebook page with a phone number and Rev. Mike will give you a call. It doesn’t have to be for anything specific, it can just be to say hello! Let’s keep finding ways to stay connected during these times.
Please note Mike probably won’t be able to phone you back immediately so please only use this for non-urgent contact!


For you NHS workers out there, If you didn’t already know. Headspace is offering NHS staff the full subscription for free. Loads of mindful exercises to help sleep, reduce worry, stress, feel positive and there are exercises for kids to also cultivate appreciation and kindness. Have a look of your interested. Take care and keep safe. 


Well done for all the brilliant work you have been putting on Seesaw! We have really enjoyed seeing everything you have been up to.

The next two weeks would have been the Easter holidays and, although we will still be in school with Day Stay, we won’t put new tasks on Seesaw. It’s time for you all to have a well earned rest! Having said that, please continue to read to your child and listen to them read regularly.

Although we will not be posting activities, we are still here to help. If you need anything or have any questions please email or you can ring the school.

We look forward to seeing more of what you get up to when we post some new activities from 20th April.

We hope you have a lovely, restful Easter!


Mrs Fothergill's Easter Competition

Hello everyone, as we approach the Easter holidays I thought I'd set some Easter challenges.

Easter Colouring Competition: Pick one of the sheets below (download below) to print off and colour. Post your finished colouring sheets onto our Facebook page or alternatively email them to ( There will be a prize for the best in each year group. 

Also, if you fancy making something, have a go at an Easter garden! It could be in the garden, in a pot or coloured in a box. I've put some ideas onto the Facebook page. Again, post any finished ones on facebook or email at the address above for us all to admire.

STEM Challenge Week 2

Its Wednesday afternoon which means it's time for this weeks STEM challenge. Last weeks Science Selfies were absolutely fantastic. The winners were Ian K (Class 4) and Spencer H (C7). 

The new challenge is based around the International Space Station. 

KS1 - Design and make your own rocket. 

KS2 - Research a real rocket and later design and make your rocket using chosen media (junk models, paint, ICT) etc. 

Like last week, post your entries onto our Facebook page or alternatively email them to ( 

Mr Norris can't wait to see what you all come up with.



Here is an idea for a timetable you might want to use to structure your days. You could change it to make it work for you, add things to it, take things out, make it your own or keep it as it is. (Go to the bottom of the page to download). 

Useful Contact Details

Andy has composed a list of useful contact numbers should you or your child need them during the pandemic. (Go to the bottom of the page to download). 

Sunday Saviours 

To keep it all real, and to stop our heads going at a million miles an hour, I have published 6 Sunday Saviours. Small, achievable things to accomplish in a week. To ensure we're not over whelming ourselves, to ensure we don't feel rubbish, to ensure we keep up only with ourselves.... not the Jones. How many of last weeks Sunday Saviours did you complete?

Create a workspace for your kids to use?

Say the School Prayer with them each evening, or my favourite evening prayer? For example, "Lord keep us safe this night, secure from all our fears. May Angels guard us whilst we sleep, until morning light appears. Amen."

Did you log into any assemblies? - these are every day, at 11:00am.

DId you begin to download the seesaw app?

It's now time for this weeks Sunday Saviours.....

  • Each Day - Read, or get your kids to read (either a book, bug club, or kindle, or audible) But one of the things that could be lost, isn't academic stuff - we'll sort that, it's resilience to challenge, perseverance to challenge and work stamina. Infant kIds should be able to stick on a single task for 6 minutes, plus their age. So, a 4 year old should be able to sustain a task for around 10 minutes. Junior kids should be able to sustain an activity for 11 minutes plus their age. So a year 6 kid 11 + 11 = 22 minutes. Of course, things lengthens with adult interactivity.
  • Daily Maths for the above length of time..... TT Rock Stars for the juniors, Numbots for the infants. We also have my maths for both. And White Rose Hub have loads of stuff on line, and we've sent you the details for this.
  • Headspace - i believe this is now free for everyone. It's brilliant. I've always used it. This is a biggie.... just chose a topic, and meditate with your kids daily, twice a day would be great....
  1. Check last weeks.... achieve a couple more. To stick with the programme, prioritise a tidy workspace for the kids.
  2. If winging it is still working, stick to it, if not, set up a structure. We sent one out last week, I'll publish another one on Facebook tonight.... for you to use if it helps. Any problems, email
  3. Do daily exercise (Your own, Joe Wicks, 9.00am on Youtube, Cosmic Kids, this is on line, available any time)

Andy's Weekly Address

Wow..... how weird is this!? But take a step back, look around at everything you've achieved, and toast yourselves, and your family.... well done everyone. May I start by thanking everyone for their magnificent support you have afforded us during the past week, it really is most kind. It's been a challenging time for us all, but none more so for those on the front line. I really don't know what to say to you, apart from thank you. It is your work that allows me to sleep at night. 


Miss Berry and the Chorley SSP have set up a Cross Country Challenge. How many of us can still go and run a mile over the weekend? Post your pictures and videos onto the St George's Facebook page, send them directly to the SSP by email or add them to your class Seesaw.  The Chorley SSP will award this year's trophy to the school with the most participants. Happy running everyone!

On Thursday we had a gazebo stolen from the school grounds. Some gazebos have sadly been broken by the wind over the weekend. We will replace in full when this pandemic is over. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

Father Mike has produced a document called 'Praying at Home' with the church being closed. This can be found on the school's Facebook page or you can request an electronic copy by emailing


Schools have been asked to stay over the EASTER break to allow KEYWORKERS to go into work. To enable us to staff this, please can you email SHARON in the office if you're a KEYWORKER and require DAY-STAY at St George's over the EASTER holidays. 

DAY-STAY - Monday - Friday inclusive including BANK HOLIDAYS

As always please take note of Government instruction, and you should only be going into work if you're a KEYWORKER whose work is essential to the nation's COVID-19 response.

Please email SHARON by 5:00 pm tomorrow should you wish to utilise this service.

25.3. 2020

Each week, Mr Norris will be posting a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) challenge for you all to get involved with. This week is a Science Selfie Competition. Who can take the best selfie picture capturing the whackiest, most imaginative, craziest science at home? This can be an investigation or science in your garden or around the house. Please post your entries on the school's facebook page or drop us an email on

Free School Meals

For those of you on free school meals, you can collect daily packed lunches, or weekly hampers, Collect weekly hampers on Monday. Both collections are from the Kitchen door. 


If any family does not have access to a tablet or phone ot the ability to access SEESAW. Please email and we will happily lend you a device from school. 


Sign up to the school page to keep up to date with staff, school and pupils. 

7:00am - Mr Purcell's Parbold Pop up! (daily)

9:00am - Yoga or Joe Wicks

9:30am - 3/4 Story Time (Live)

11:00am - Worship (Assembly)

1:30am - Infant Story Time (Live)

8:00pm - Y5/6 Story Time (Live)


We have been instructed by the Government to CLOSE St George's on Friday at the end of school for MOST PUPILS. 

Exceptions to this at the moment include:

If your child has an education, health care plan, is in receipt of free school meals (not infant free meals) , or if you are a key worker i.e. one or more parents work in the NHS, armed forces, prison service, delivery drivers for supermarkets, teacher of a school that requires you to be in, food industry, social care workers, one or more parents work in the emergency services then school will be open as normal, from 8.30am until 5.30pm.


In light of new Government recommendations, Chorley SSP confirm that all sporting events and competitions are postponed until further notice. They are considering running some online challenges. At this present time, Chorley SSP hope to continue to run activities onsite at St George's. 


Follow this link for all the latest COVID 19 news IN THE EVENT OF A SCHOOL CLOSURE.


Anyone with a "new, continuous" cough or high temperature is now advised to self-isolate for seven days, as the UK government moves to the "delay" phase of its plan to tackle coronavirus.


Use this reputable checking tool if you're worried about new symptoms.


WOW, well that’s been a bit of a week hasn’t it! First of all before I talk about our little world, let’s applaud the work of the health services and send our very best wishes to the politicians, and scientists who are leading the nation through this quite unprecedented and unexpected of times.

At St George’s the decisions that we take aren’t based on my amateur microbiology degree I awarded myself over the weekend, they’re based on a great deal of cautiousness until we’re given the knowledge to be confident again. They’re based on limiting risk, as I see it. They’re a calm measured set of actions to reduce the risk of COVID 19 popping into see us!

We've pulled out of a few events. Our decisions have been made not to be dramatic, or to create panic, simply out of an abundance of cautiousness, and to try and help the national agenda.

The Easter production, and rehearsals,  will now be held in school, more akin to an assembly, rather than in church. This was decided to avoid the mixed social gathering in a building other than school.

Swimming has been cancelled for year for the foreseeable future. Again, for the same reasons as above. The swimming pool is in a public building, that contains a gym. It doesn’t seem right for now swimming to continue where we could both catch, and indeed share our germs.

Although we are still collecting for the food bank, a member of staff will take the food up, rather than the kids.

The class 6 bag pack to Morrisons has been cancelled. Again, it’s a mixed social gathering

Easter bingo is also cancelled

We will show the events as cancelled on the web cal (ie leave them on, but write cancelled next to the title….. Please check the web cal before ringing school regarding events…. Assume they’re are going on, unless we have written cancelled on the web cal)

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch. I still hate it, but I can see the advantages. May I ask though that you stick to the more traditional forms of communication (email, telephone or face to face……. I had 12 messages from parents on imessenger over the weekend…… non of which I replied to! I socialise on imessenger you really don’t want me getting confused between the 2! Furthermore, I know you ask each other questions on facebook, that’s great…. And yeah, as staff have time, they may reply personally. But this isn’t the norm. If you want to speak to staff the channels are personally, email, phone call, letter…. Much thanks.

Sharon has spoken to all readers who valiantly give up their time to help us out. As long as you’re fit and well, please come into school as normal—bring a costa for me, and some banter and good news for everyone else!

That said, anyone with a new, continuous cough, or high temperature is now advised to stay off school for at least a week or until the temperature has returned to normal—whichever is the longer.

In school well be washing our hands regularly, but apart from that cracking on as normal.

Before you set off for school tomorrow check out 3 questions.



The latest advice is for anyone with a high temperature, or a new cough to self isolate for a week! Accordingly, please, if your child shows these symptoms go into self isolation for the 7 days.


Although I have no specific information, it is becoming increasingly likely that there is going to be some sort of school closure. Good luck. In situations like this it is my job, and our duty, to make things as easy for you all as possible. School has loads of on line resources that can be accessed from home. Click here to be taken to the information page on the website. As more resources become available I will publish them on facebook, and on the above section of the website.

There is plenty of work you can do at home, but I realise that any school closure will cause massive upheaval. Accordingly, all work is available, no work is compulsory. 

At home, during any school closure you can:

Use Purple Mash - consolidate your previous learning. 

Use espresso

Kids in year 2, and year 6, you have been sent home some past papers - please do them.... and return these. They will be marked, and used. 

You have the current, and previous homework menus that you can access. Discuss them. Complete activities. 

Challenge each other on TT rock stars. We'll do a school closure league table!

Learn your lines for the Easter play. It probably wont go ahead as planned, but we will do it!
Learn the songs for the Easter Production. These are available from the website.

You have your key spellings and key words sent home... learn to spell them. 

Use twinkle..... I will publish their online resources

read - Use bug Club, use oxford owl use 1st News. 

Practise what you know in maths.... use My Maths.

So, it will be certainly very different, but, should it be beneficial to you, theres lots to be going on with. 

I assure you that as i get information I will publish it here, and on facebook. 

During the school closure I will still write to you weekly, send you regular emails, and facebook updates, and respond to your emails with great haste. 

All the best,