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Admissions - The facts.

I am delighted that you are considering joining us here at St. George's!  This page, may be of use to you! Feel free to ring me at school to book an appointment to see us in action.  At St. George's we do not have a formal open day at school. I abhor them to be honest. I want you to see the school, not a show the school puts on.  Any parent considering applying for a place for their children at St. George’s is strongly urged to visit the school and talk to a member of SLT, or School Admin Staff. I am aware that choosing a school for your child is important; and I want you to have as much time as you like asking questions that are important to you.  Furthermore I am very proud of our school; and I want you to see us as we are, rather than put on a show for you!  So please, give us a ring, and we'll arrange a mutually convenient time for you, and your family to come and see us!

Please note, that although we are lucky to have a Nursery on site, it is not part of the school, and attendance at the Nursery has no bearing on admission to the school, and is not part of the admission criteria or process, which is outlined below. 

If parents are applying for a place in Reception, using Church Worship as the admission criteria, you should, in the first instance complete the Local Authority form as detailed below. You should then complete, and return to school, the school’s optional form (available from the booklet) which enables parents to provide evidence on their Church attendance at St George's. In 2014 Church and School introduced a church attendance recording card. This card, available from The Vicar, is the parent's responsibility, and is the primary source of evidence confirming Church Attendance. For more details contact the Vicar on how to use the Card system. 

To clarify the criteria, as set out in the admissions policy, the phrase ‘parental worship’ means active participation in a Eucharistic Service at St George’s Church. There are two Eucharistic Services celebrated at St George’s CE Church at 8 am or 10 am every Sunday, and one service on a Wednesday.

The 10 am service on Sundays is particularly suitable for parents with young children as there is a popular, effective and successful Sunday School where children can learn, celebrate and worship at their own level of understanding under the care and guidance of our committed and capable team. At the end of the Sunday School Worship, children then re-join their parents in Church for the Eucharistic prayers. The 10 am service also offers the opportunity to meet other families with young children. This service is also followed by refreshments in the Church Hall.

The Eucharistic Service held on Wednesdays at 10 am is more meditative in its approach.

If you wish to apply for a place in reception because you have siblings in the school, or because you live close to the school simply complete the Local Authority form - available on line by clicking here.  

If you are wanting to apply for a place in the school in any other class - simply ring the school for more details.

The  Determined Admissions Policy is available below. Please note that following our recent expansion, the admission number is now 45. 

I look forward to receiving your application; and thank you for your interest in St. George’s. Whichever school you choose for your child I would like to take this opportunity to wish you, and your child every success and happiness in the future.

In accordance with the LA Admissions Policy, reception pupils are admitted in the September prior to their fifth birthday. 

Important Dates

Click here to go to the Local Authority's most up to date information on admission and appeals.