St George's

Church of England Primary School

Inspection Reports

Our latest Inspection from both OFSTED, Blackburn Diocese and the Local Authority confirmed my views that St George's Church of England Primary School in an OUTSTANDING SCHOOL - in every single area! Amazing!

Teaching and Learning - Outstanding
Achievement - Outstanding
Leadership - Outstanding
Behaviour of children - Outstanding
they actually described the children as 'perfect' and 'idyllic'
RE distinctiveness - Outstanding!

Read both full reports here; but of course; to get a true flavour of our school - you must come and see us - come and see us in action. We don't have 'open days' as I want you to see us at your convenience, and as we are, rather than coming at our convenience to see a show we have put on for you - that is not how you choose a Primary School for your child. I'm so proud of our school; let me show you round.