Supporting my child's progress

The very readable documents below are brilliant documents at explaining the levels that your child is working at, and what they have to do to reach the next level! Should you have any questions about the documents, or about your child's progress please do contact either myself, or your child's teacher. Enjoy!

Click here to be taken to more advice from Direct. gov website.

In addition, school pay for some superb e resources. We will try and link them all from here; but do also check out the Pupil Zone, and Learning Links for loads more!

A great site to support children in their reading, and phonics is This site stores many of our reading books in school; and can be used to re-enforce our teaching of reading at home - it's great if you have a laptop or a tablet. If you need any help with the resources - please do contact your child's class teacher in school.

Children also have their own password to mymaths.

And to tutpup.

Check out the Pupil's page from this link for more fantastic resources.

This video link (click here) will give parents and carers an overview of phonics.

This video link (click here) will help parents and carers pronounce the 44 phonemes of the infant language. The video is not perfect, but it is a good starting point, and demonstrates the subtle sounding of the phonemes.