Transition information

Meeting your new teacher.

In the last week of term each the children will meet their new teacher. Weather permitting, this is done outside, and involves a Q/A, a story and a game. This is a short transition. The main transition work goes on during the 1st 2 weeks of term, where they kids cerement old friendships, and make new ones, in their new classes, feeling secure as they are in their little 15 group, feeling excited as the re meet a new group of 15. During the 1st two weeks work will take place towards our year launch whole school trip, with our collaboration school, Mossy Lea. In 2021 both schools went on a stunning trip to Martin Mere, and after Covid shared our 1st full school assembly in the Harrier Hide. This is proper, meaningful transition that adds value to children. 

Starting a new class is exciting, yes a little daunting perhaps, but exciting and energising, as such the transition should be also exciting and energising.